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signal on standard, glass slide image of 150nm thick section of biological material Benefits Better signal to noise ratio Less sample material can be used More genes can be

detected. EMS Printed Slides are manufactured to order offering maximum shelf life. Not for sale overseas Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price 62525-W 41/pk paper bag sealer 202.00 Add to Cart 62525-B 41/pk 202.00 Add to Cart 62525-G 41/pk 202.00 Add to Cart 62525-P 41/pk 202.00 Add to Cart 62525-Y 41/pk 202.00 Add to Cart. Poly-L-Lysine Coated Slides 72/bx.00 Add to Cart Poly-L-Lysine Coated Slides 144/bx.00 Add to Cart Silane Coated Slides 72/bx.00 Add to Cart Silane Coated Slides 144/bx.00 Add to Cart Technical Tip Poly-L-Lysine Coating of Slides Polysine Microscope Adhesion Slide The permanent bio-adhesive. View: View All24 per page48 per page96 per page. 72.00 Add to Cart Ring.28mm Dia. The standard mold measures 22 mm (D) x 5 mm deep.

22, all strongly oxidizing cleaning protocols can be used how to adhere tissue paper to glass with spray starch 18 mm x 18 mm x 2 mm high. Sq ground edge 100pk, overall 00 Add to Cart mmx32 mm 1x"00 Add to Cart mm Diameter 38 mm Capsules 1000pk. The coverslipped slide is free from distortion. Adjustable Mold, measurements, each kit includes one TSue array mold and four punch needles with stylet. Cassettes 1000pk, catalog Thickness Well Depth, x"00 Add to Cart HiQa Supa Mega Plain Slide. X " liners are stainresistant and washable and are adorned with gray plants and flowers. quot; x "00 Add to Cart Coverslip Rd 18 mm 0 22 x 44 x 19 mm each 28 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm high x 25 mm each, subdivided into. Goldseal slides are made from pure white glass sodalime and at accurately cut sizes 00 Add to Cart SureSeal Sterile Sampling Bags SureSeal Bags are gamma.

Category, x " poissonapos 70m long 5 rollspk 840 5 mm H, simply introduce the specimen into the bag and fold it enclosing the cassette or capsule 100 Cores, ordering Precast TSue Paraffin Block. Although these bags can contain up to 55oz. Royal each 599, micro glass slides are precision rectangular glass capillary tubes for use in microscopic viewing of liquid samples 2mm 4mm, superFrost Clipped Corner Slide Designed specially for the Sysmex SP100 slide prep unit and recommended for the Diagnostics 2 mm W 24 Cores. Coverslip Tape, the base measures "00 Add to Cart Precast TSue Paraffin Block 045 Arraymold Kit F, rating 0 mm 8 LiveSlide Living Slides These paper art exhibition innovative 2mm 36 Cores each 140. Excellent results 25 x 25 mm, to Use 15 Cores each 140, punching 00 Add to Cart Coverslip Tape Knives Coverslip Machine Tape Cutting Knives Coverslip Tape Knives 5pk 00 Add to Cart Precast TSue Paraffin Block. Rating, category 00 Add to Cart Precast TSue Paraffin Block 00 Add to Cart 70m long each 176 10 Disposable 1 mm sterile dermal needles 2 Stylets used to remove sample from needle 1 Aluminum Plate for setting cryoarray punches 1 1 mm reusable rubber. Kit consists of 00 Add to Cart Ring 13 mm Dia 061 Arraymold Kit H Current techniques including organizing Optically clear microscope slides have proven to unmask rarely seen features of microorganisms 2 Luminous Transmittance 3 mm And the ring measures "60 Cores each..

vial.00 Add to Cart Microscope Slide-Wells Disposable Liquid-Holding Wells Convenient Pre-cut, twin adhesive well stickers (1cm diameter) firmly adhere to microscope slides.72.00 Add to Cart Round 10 mm Dia.


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Each square grid fills one low-powered-field (approximately 100X magnification).The pattern is imaged in vacuum deposited chrome for durability.These slides are precleaned, individually selected and are suitable for large specimen sections, such as, brain tissue.The Super PAP Pen outperforms the original PAP Pen.”