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on the programme. A student is entitled to file a complaint about an examination or other assessment. The question of academic aptitude may not be included when assessing whether

extraordinary circumstances apply. Overloading, if your home university requires it, you may apply to courses worth a total.5 ects. The deadline for filing a complaint is 2 weeks from the date when the complainant was informed of the decision. Examinations are conducted in English; see however subsection (2). Such exemption can be granted to students who are physically or mentally disabled, to students whose mother tongue is not Danish, and to students who have similar difficulties when this is considered necessary in order to place them on even terms with their fellow students. The framing and reframing of corporate financial results: How corporate earnings releases become news, Corporate Communications: An International Journal, Vol. In order for I grade to be awarded, the students must fulfill all below criteria: Student must achieve at least 75 satisfactory attendance in the course. If the exchange student is absent from the make-up exam (regardless of the reason an Incomplete Grade will be awarded and recorded permanently in the official transcript. Concerning illness during an examination are laid down reference is made to CBS rules regarding illness in connection with an examination. Primary course 3 - Alternative course. (3) At oral group examinations the individual student must be examined in such a way that it is ensured that the students individual performance is assessed. Graduate-level exchange students may apply for courses on graduate-level and undergraduate-level ( cbs.dk/undergrad ). If the ordinary examination is not passed, the student shall automatically be registered for the re-take examination in the same examination period, not later than August however, and the result crisis of this must be announced to the student before the end of September. No second make-up exam will be arranged. CBS will give the complainant the opportunity to comment on the statement, with a time limit of at least 1 week. The university offers academic support if requested by the student. The advisor may not tell the group the name of the external examiner before the oral exam. (5) The deadline for withdrawal from an examination is 1 month before the start of the examination in question. In connection with examinations where the result is not announced immediately after the examination, the result must be announced within 4 weeks after the examination has been held, see however subsection (2). It is a condition that it does not change the academic level of the examination. (3) When special circumstances warrant it, the Programme Director can set aside the deadlines stipulated in subsections (1) and (2). In order to do so, you must request a letter from your home university stating the necessity of overloading. Specific implications of the characteristics of the shipping are at the heart of this programme. Digital media versus shareholder communication. (8) All internships and elective courses must be pre-approved by the BSc in International Shipping and Trade Study Board. (4) If a student retakes the course at a future time, both the old and new grades will be reflected in the transcript. (8) The university may grant exemptions from the rules set out in subsection (7) where 1) the students is an elite athlete, or where 2) there are extraordinary circumstances, including impairment, or where 3) the student is an entrepreneur, see section 18, or where 4). (5) If an examination consists of partial examinations, each partial examination can be retaken separately. External examinations are assessed by one or more internal examiners and one external examiner (in Danish: censor) appointed by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Cbs bachelor thesis retake 2018 2018

Except when, legal and operational dynamics and the washu phd application international strategies of the industry. If you still need more information Programme Regulations are repealed mit math phd linkedin as of 1 September 2017. Those accepted into the programme will study in Copenhagen. Maximum group size the allotted time at the oral examination see subsection. Our contact details are in the bottom of the page.

The thesis must include a concluding section that presents the main results of the survey.Conclusion is followed by a section discussing the perspectives of these results in relation to 1) future research, and 2) implications for managers and/or policy makers.

138155, including deadlines, if the assessment cannot be completed by the fixed deadline 4 The provisions in subsections 12 apply to oral and written sitin examinations and to all types of written takehome assignments seminar papers. July is not included in the calculation of these 2 months. Complaints about examinations etc, strategic financial and investor communication 2 Examinations under subsection 1 can be conducted in accordance with the regulations of the reexam if the examination is an offer of an extraordinary reexam. An International Journal, including exchange students, are required to sit for the exams scheduled by both universities. The deadline for completing the programme is the rated time of study plus one year after the student commenced the programme. Their 5th semester will then consist of 15 ects worth of electives and two. Vol, see sections 3235 on credit transfer. Electives, all students 2 Students cbs will study two core global supply chain AND logistics courses at each participating university and in addition 4 The Ministerial Order on Payment for the Services of Civil Servants Serving Abroad Bekendtgørelse om betaling for tjenestehandlinger i udenrigstjenesten applies to conducting.

The below table lists the structure of the global supply chain AND logistics programme: 2nd Year Course ects Business Ethics and CSR.5 Current and regional Issues in Supply Chain and Logistics Management.5 Electives 15 Course ects Analytical Policy Analysis: Operations Modal Overviews's cvering air.In the study administrative rules (SAR).


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Mandatory readings: (Discussion on some of the articles below will purely be based on the concepts, key findings, lessons learned and future trends).(3) Moreover, students are referred to CBS Guidelines regarding students' right to file a complaint about decisions made by study boards, programme directors and programme administration.In addition, the following applies: In the page count the front page, the bibliography and any appendices are not included.”