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a transportation management system (TMS automation technology in the warehouse, or a business intelligence or analytics-based Control Tower platform. Corporate procurement will also be involved in the outsourcing

process, say UT researchers, who maintain that its incumbent on both sides to work hard at developing a mutual understanding and trust to get maximum benefit from the relationship. Indeed, Gartner adds a cautionary note by observing that shippers are wary of all of merger and acquisition activity, given that it typically drives a period of instability and integration challenges within the merged companies. The wide array of technology and the rate of its adoption will become more and more important in defining how we do business with 3PLs, says Dittmann. Dittmann partnered with, kate Vitasek (pictured below author of, the Vested Way, to find the best practices for creating competitive advantages through use of a 3PL. In the wake of this activity, there are over 30 domestic 3PLs that have revenue exceeding 1 billion. This will range from omni-channel support to disruptive technologies like drones, 3D printing, Internet of things, driverless vehicles, advanced robotics, wearable technology and Uberization. Reaping the Rewards, the companies mentioned in this article are just a few of the many that have enhanced both customer satisfaction and profitability by strengthening management of the supply chain. We offers a wide selection of both ophthalmic equipment and optical equipment for your eyecare practice. Gonzalez concludes that this shift is forcing 3PLs to re-evaluate their business models, as well as their pricing and go-to-market strategies, what technologies and resources to invest in, as well as how they communicate their value proposition to shippers. We maintain a large inventory of ophthalmic bulbs, print paper, chin rest papers, and other ophthalmology and optometric supplies. These observations mirror those contained in a recent study by the University of Tennessees (UT) Haslam College of Business Supply Chain Management titled. Selecting and Managing a Third-party Logistics Provider. September 8, 2016, in 1997, Supply Chain Management Review published one article called, the Seven Principles of Supply Chain Management written by David Anderson, Frank Britt and Donavon Favre. Whats becoming clear is that technology, including access to IT resources and advice, are contributing more to the overall value proposition these days, he says. However, the forecasted economic headwinds in key global economies such as China and Europe - and the need to invest in upgrading assets, equipment and technology - will place pressure on future revenue and escalating costs of the leading 3PLs. In fact, this year we expect to see a large number of mid- and small-sized deals versus how to make paper gift box video the 100-million-plus deals seen throughout 2015. Is a leading source of ophthalmic equipment and supply, as well as optometric equipment and products. With our large inventory and central location in North Texas, we are able to promptly meet your order needs. To mitigate these challenges, 3PLs are investing in capabilities that are focused on higher-return business, says Gartner analyst James Lisica.

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At that time, gartner notes that 3PLs have extended their services beyond the basics. Providing opportunities to increase their value and resolve additional customer supply chain challenges. Log in to download this paper. Doing so has improved asset utilization. Supply Chain Management SCM was a pretty new term boys so this article did the excellent job to explain important supply chain management principles in one shot. Says Dittmann, and complete data and insights, says Aimi. So executives are looking to their 3PL partners to meet their technology needs.

Armstrong Optical, services offers ophthalmic equipment optical equipment; opthalmic optical instruments, supply service.Our Extended Validation SSL certificate provides you with the highest degree of assurance that.

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Whether proprietary or privatelabel, technology, principle 7, more than 60 executives interviewed for the study silk soft toilet paper said that the biggest mistake they made was not doing a thorough needs assessment before hiring a 3PL. As more and more shippers need to be interconnected by systems to keep pace with the evolving challenges of ecommerce and omnichannel fulfillment. You would have thought the customer was talking about an outsourced IT provider instead of a 3PL. Big Data continues to saturate the space. President of the thirdparty logistics consultancy Armstrong Associates. Service and advise, evan Armstrong, founder and president of the consulting firm Adelante SCM. Principle 4, in todays logistics management environment data is the new oil. With that in mind, the scope of thirdparty logistics has widely increased and expectations of them have accelerated.

Principle 6 : Develop a supply chain-wide technology strategy that supports multiple levels of decision making and gives a clear view of the flow of products, services, and information.As of now, it got more than 160 citations from both scholarly articles and trade publications.The challenge for 3PLs is in how their customers are choosing to engage with technology, and whether 3PLs are perceived as the vendors or facilitators of technology, says Aimi.


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Armstrong Optical Services.However, over the coming year Gartner expect 3PLs to refocus efforts on organic growth and driving operational efficiencies to increase margins.More than 10 years pass and this article is considered the classic article and got republished in 2010, and again in 2013.”