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to restrict or permanently lock your account. Find out how to make your content private or remove it here. Reiterating essentially the same point made by other people: first

the person with the same name as you may have had no part whatsoever in giving the appearance that he/she is the author of your papers. To do so, you'll need to submit a notice of claimed infringement, as described above. If youre unsure about what youre allowed to share on ResearchGate, we recommend that you get in touch with them. There are thousands of journals and they each have their own fast form of license agreement. In such cases, we may be able to remove the infringement from your account and enable you to upload the content again. My co-author uploaded our work without my permission. In general, if the rights owner acknowledges that an error has been made, you can ask them to email us directly and retract their notice of infringement. ResearchGate lets members share content privately with others. Usually, these agreements assign the copyright to the publisher. By uploading and publicly displaying your work on ResearchGate, you are making it publicly available to all users of ResearchGate both to ResearchGate members using the site logged in, and people without an account who access dissertation it logged out. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and ask that you do the same. ResearchGate has no knowledge of the rights that might apply to your particular content and has no information about any license agreements you may have with publishers.

Am I allowed to privately store my work on ResearchGate. You are responsible for any content you upload or share. S a slightlystructured spam, such as drafts, am I allowed to publicly display my work on ResearchGate. Sometimes we receive reports from copyright owners alleging that content is being made available on ResearchGate paper in a way that infringes their rights. Some journals allow publication of nonfinal versions. Which could include your account being permanently locked. You are making it publicly available to all users of ResearchGate both to ResearchGate members using the site logged. ResearchGate is not a publisher and does not accept articles or papers for publication.

A researcher has wrongly claimed co- authorship.I am wondering if there are any copyright issues when we post our published.I've got a case where 90 of my academic publications are being by a professor at another university with the same name.

paper If you have published your content in a journal or book. There are often different versions of the publication. T spend your life attempting to rebut false claims made on the internet. If your copyright interests have been assigned to a publisher. Your rights are likely governed by a license agreement between you and the publisher. You should first review any applicable license agreement that you have signed with your publisher and any policies they may have available on their website. If youre unsure about your rights to share your content on ResearchGate. S life attempting to rebut false claims made on the internet. You canapos, you may be able to share the content or otherwise make it publicly available.

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ResearchGate does not hold copyright for any publications on the platform.If you are a copyright owner, US, European, and other laws require that your notice of copyright infringement follow a specific format. .ResearchGate does not require you to relinquish any rights that you may have in that work.”