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cutting Soluble Oil,. Petrography Equipment - forcimat-TS Automatic Lapping and Polishing System for Thin Sections Automatic Operation Single force application for petrography Special holders for thin section lapping

and polishing. The machine comes with a 50 liters recirculation tank and stainless steel mesh filtering system used during wet cutting operation. The grinding module is designed for precision grinding. These glass slides are held the chucks and moved across cutting and grinding. A dualin-line fiHaringunit removes the moisture from the vacuum line and drains into the cutting chamber When the vacuum pump is turned off. GR 0405 Specimen vise for biomedical samples. Diamond cup grinding wheel diameter 6 /. GEO Line is the complete range of instruments for petrographic sample preparation, starting with a piece of rock and finishing at 20 microns. Compatible heater with temperature controller assures uniform bonding of all the samples. Thickness can be varied with the digital micrometer as per the user requirements. Conc.) 19-205 ø 200 Diamond Cut-off wheels (Metal Bonded, high conc.) 19-201 ø 200 Diamond Cut-off wheels (Resin Bonded) CBN Cutting Discs (1pc) for Precision Cutting 19-202 ø 200 CBN Cut-off wheels (Resin Bonded) Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels 19-155 Ø 175 Damond cup grinding wheel. The machine comes with door limit switch system which ensures that the cutting process is stopped immediately when the door is opened.

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The feed table provides a long travel depth. Builtin micrometer with digital readout system comes with the basic machine to measure the grinding thickness of the sample. These glass slides requires uniform thickness and thus built in micrometer ensures extreme precision actuarial Ø mm, cutting and grinding up to 30 microns or less.

2 used, forcipol ( ) from certified dealers from the leading platform for used machines.Forcipol, series of instruments are available as Single wheel and Dual wheel Units (200/250/300 mm wheel size).Both single or double wheel versions are available with variable rotating speeds with digital display.

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Preparing thin sections, technical Specifications Spring loaded system 8 specimens can be mounted during single operation Glass how to write a death paper on yourself slide up to 46x72mm can be held Compatible heater with temperature controller Temperature up to 300oC Digital indicator For more information about Geo Line for Petrography Sample Preparation. Specimen cutting diameter up to 90 mm 5 HP motor. Cutting Method, technical Specifications, requires highly specialized equipment and skills because the specimen is extremely thin. QualibondGeo includes compartment to mount 8 samples in a single operation assuring maximum productivity. Table Feed, xaxis 5, generally around 20 microns for observations with transmitted light microscope.

GR 0431 Specimen vise (teardrop shape) for specimens 5-20mm.Diamond cutting Disc 200 mm dia.Qualicut-Geo has high safety system.


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This exciting product range offers you the latest in technology and functional design to provide high levels of performance in preparation of mineralogical samples and thin section specimens.It is used in areas of application where advanced thin section preparatory method is required.For mineralogical specimens, the surface is prepared for examination with a reflected light microscope and the preparation procedure is basically similar to the preparation of metallographic specimens.”