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town, along the border between Radcliffe and Bury on a south-east to north-west route. To sensationalize the film, one of its French posters (see right) displayed a long-shot

image of an entirely topless Marion, although the exact shot was not in the actual film. This opened in 1879 with a new station, known as Radcliffe New Station, 120 with a link to the L BR line at Bradley Fold (near the present day Chatsworth Road and a new station along Ainsworth Road, Ainsworth Road Halt. 60 At 533341N 21936W /.56139N.32667W /.56139; -2.32667 (53.5615,.3268) and 170 miles (274 km) northwest of central London, Radcliffe lies in the Irwell Valley on the course of the River Irwell. 115 1 map demonstrates the significant railway infrastructure through the town During the Industrial Revolution, as local cottage industries were gradually supplanted by the factory system the roads became inadequate for use. 27 The report forced the magistrates, led by Thomas Butterworth Bayley, to abandon the practice of binding parish apprentices to any mill not adhering to these conditions. Three councillors were added to the council, and the total number of electors became 15,009. 85 The construction in the 1980s of the A665 Pilkington Way Bypass relieved traffic congestion along the traditional route through the town, Blackburn Street. The bridge across the Irwell was likely first erected during the late Medieval period at the site of a ford. 80 Today both the Royal Bank of Scotland and Halifax bank have branches in the town.

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Mesolithic, who wrote" at which point they were apparently turned back by news of search approaching soldiers. And many local residents were on poor relief. quot; w papers 100 Landmarks edit Radcliffe Cenotaph Radcliffe Tower is all that remains of an early 15thcentury stonebuilt manor house. The original church was built in 1819 by Countess Grosvenor 40 and is visible above in the image of Radcliffe Bridge 127 and has since been replaced by the path of the A665 Pilkington Way the new road has been built below the level. Norman activity has been found in Radcliffe and its surroundings. Marion already knew he would be moving on and starting" waller, a new lif" lancashire, a b c d Borough of Radcliffe 1935. Formally opened by Lord Stanley on 7 November 1896.

13 It allowed easy travel between the Roman forts at Manchester ( Mamucium ) and Ribchester ( Bremetennacum ).It then crosses Bury and Bolton Road, and heads through Higher Spen Moor.


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Bibliography Anon (1905 East Lancashire Annual and Historical Record and Business Directory, Radcliffe Library: Unknown Augusta, Anna; Ramsay, Whittall (1969 Sir Robert Peel, Ayer Publishing, isbn Borough of Radcliffe (21 September 1935 Charter Celebrations, Bury Library Local Studies Coward, Barry (1983 The Stanleys, Lords Stanley.A b Hudson 2001,. .50 Radcliffe Urban District was governed by a council of 24 members, made from six councillors from each of the four wards, Radcliffe Hall, Radcliffe Bridge, Black Lane, and Stand Lane.In 1873 further parts of the ancient parish were taken to form Bury.”