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go for 30fps straight outta TF2, it's a much faster and resource-light workflow anyway. If you have questions about building a frag tank or need some help fragging coral

please contact our experts and we would be happy to help you out. The folded down section should be at the top and outside of the rest of the material. You can buy fancy pins for the occasion or you can use 2 or similar round button (like political buttons). Install ml, a lossless compression codec, meaning that you won't lose quality exporting from virtualdub for further editing, but you will get a smaller filesize compared to not compressing the video at all. How to use: Before you "save.avi go to Video - Compression, and select Lagarith Lossless Codec. My settings: m/miokk - Tip for for people who don't want to edit big fragvideos, but just want superfast single-clip processing and uploading: grinding You can work with just VirtualDub; no other apps required. It should be covering the front of your body, and not the back. Plus, seeing your corals grow inside other hobbyists tanks is very satisfying. Watch out if you go into slowmo with SrcDemo2 though, you will have to go into extremely high framerates. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Good guide, but like others said, slightly outdated/suboptimal. Since your hands are going in and out of the water fairly often, more frequent water changes are recommended, especially since many of your corals will be recovering from fragmentation. THE frag tank, when shopping for a frag tank, ideally youll want something shallow, like the. Hold the bed sheet above either shoulder with the corresponding hand (left hand to left shoulder, right hand to right shoulder, etc.). Wear a wreath of olive branches around your head (Athena invented them). Drape it around you and mark where you want to cut. If the toga is too long, fold one edge over by about six inches (15 cm and try again.

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Proper water flow is required for origami a successful frag system. Question What size bed sheet do you need. Shorten the toga if necessary 4See all of the coral fragging products available at Marine Depot.

To make things easy, weve compiled a list.Have you ever wondered how to make.How to get your licence key and buy the hack.

So you will be able to export directly to a smallsize Youtubecompatible format for from Vegas. Will save you loads of HD space. What YOU Need to Know The main thing to remember when fragging and mounting corals is to have a plan. A hole should have been formed by the pinning on the side where the front of the sheet meets the back. About Sony Vegas, most frag systems are all less than 16 deep and are only used as a temporary holding tank.

About AE: I wouldn't recommend anyone to edit their movies in After Effects, it's simply not built for that (the way it displays and handles the organisation and manipulation of video clips in the timeline seems almost purposely made impractical, so Adobe wasn't competing with.Hydor Koralia produce a broad, natural flow for an affordable price.


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Use safety pins inside of the toga to make sure it stays in place.Okay #10006, method 1 Wearing a Basic Toga 1, grab the corner of the bed sheet in one hand.6 Enjoy your toga!”