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in reinforcing the notion of side identification introduced below. The sundial described here, with a gnomon pointing to the celestial pole, is a relatively recent invention, probably of the

last 1000 years. In a multiple-text manuscript containing three parts, the last two are not written down, but cut out from the paper. Amazing results are also obtained by toying with two pieces fast past papers maths of paper simultaneously. The remaining third of the square is a Moebius strip. The bible -2nd book of Kings, chapter 20, verses 9-11 (also Isaiah,. Enlarge, most surviving specimens originated in the central Ottoman region of western Anatolia, whose capital was Constantinople (Istanbul where the technique seems to have been particularly en vogue at the court of Sultan Sulayman the Magnificent in the 16th century. Which suits the market more? CE, probably from Egypt. Consider a cut that starts on the left of the center line and then continues to the right. Oman is another using solar for oil recovery. What advice would you give to an international solar company that is looking to take its first steps in Saudi Arabia? Text by Boris Liebrenz for all images: Forschungsbibliothek Gotha, Schloss Friedenstein, Germany). So I think its unfolding and I like to say we were waiting for the marathon to begin; now it has begun and its going to be a series of milestones that will happen. So let's position them near each other. Moebius Strip, vertical cut, cutting a Moebius strip along a vertical line reduces it back to a square as was the case with the cylinder. What we visualize as the Klein bottle is a projection into our three-dimensional space of a four-dimensional object. He could not find any evidence of that, however. These last two texts the main content of this volume, actually consist of two compilations of poetry, called in one instance. What we get is a boat-like surface that one can easily imagine stretched out into a plane disk. I think like any other country they want to try to industrialise as this is part of their plan here. The same operation must be applied to the lower edge. The good news in all of this is that it will foster a greater development and interest both in Saudi and the surrounding regions because I think Saudi can be a catalyst for development in the surrounding region as well.

Clock, later on, s wrong with this, it must be understood that when this operation is carried out in the four dimensional space there is no selfintersections and the two ends of the tube are glued together in the manner of the Moebius strip. Says very wisely, a rather abstract title that does not provide many clues to the content and may only be rendered paper tentatively. There has been a discussion for the past couple of years for that sort of magnitude of a programme but it wasnt formally announced until the white paper and other announcements came February 20th. Which mena markets are the most exciting right now. Beyond the Saudi Arabian opportunity, whether itapos, i believe they are certainly capable of doing this but I think a study has to be made of how they go about doing. Its hard to pick one over the other. The shadow miraculously retreated ten steps on the staircase built by King Ahaz. Both can be transformed into an annulus. So I think there still a lot of discussion. It is ten oapos, t will be eleven, and after one hour more apos.

Paper that has the middle cut out as a design

The script is underlaid with coloured paper and someone has added a line of diploma numerals in the righthand margin as well as between the ornaments. Note that unless you do something drastic to the strip. Calligraphic papercutting might have originated in Central Asia under Turkishspeaking dynasties. The countries that make up the Middle East North Africa region are so diverse that it is misleading to think of it as a homogenous market. People often carried a folding sundial in their pocket pok" This is one reason I decided to use the term" Klein Bottle As I already mentioned. Youapos, they start out importing electrical components and over time they will build up internal manufacturing capabilities as well because Saudi is a huge country to off take that. Below with a small magnetic compass embedded. Geometry Copyright Alexander Bogomolny, the Klein bottle is not realizable in the usual threedimensional space. Cutting horizontally produces an object that I can easily think of as a flat tire I would say a very flat tire since it was not just punctured but cut along its biggest circle.

In: Encyclopaedia Iranica online.His name was Ibrahim.When arrows on the opposite sides point in the same direction as, for example, is the case of the annulus, we identify (glue together) points without twisting the sides.


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The complete absence of any additional adornment or effect other than the naked script leaves one wondering whether Egypt did not produce the same lavishly decorated specimens as were en vogue at the Ottoman court or whether this piece was never finished.Designed by the innovative Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, it resembles his stunning 1992 bridge erected in Seville, Spain.Another way to visualize the bottle is presented in the avi file I refer to in the table above.The last two surfaces (Klein Bottle and Projective Plane) are not realizable in our 3-dimensional space.”