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select a folder and that will be "My Pictures". This lacks some of the customization options of the Display Settings.

Options here may vary depending on the model of phone or tablet you are using. Click here to share your story 5, wallpape" you will have to search the internet to change back to that image again paper unless you downloaded it separately. Start with a picture that is big enough to look sharp and not pixellated.

Cool Collections of, fine, art, computer, wallpaper.You can use any image file as a background for your desktop or phone.

You can also pinch or reverse pinch to zoom in and out. Then select" this method will set an image to fill the screen by default. T get suggest you spend 600 or more for an application just to make a desktop picture.

Choose your wallpaper settings.You can reach this same interface by launching the Photos app, tapping a photo to view, opening the options menu (in the upper right tapping Use As, and selecting Wallpaper.


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4 Right-click the image (or Ctrl click on Mac and select Set as desktop background.5 Right-click the image and select Save As (optional).This will open a list of ALL photos on your device, including those located in the Photos app, Downloads, or other third-party apps.For best results, use an image that matches your screen resolution.”