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I will attempt to pass. More importantly, he inspired me to work hard by being a role model himself. He spent endless time reviewing and proofreading my papers, asking

me questions to let me think harder, and supported me during thesis chair instructor & academic advisor the difficult times in my research. A thesis chair instructor & academic advisor Methodologist should be selected who has particular expertise in the type of study the candidate is pursuing (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods). His high values earn him great respect as an esteemed professor, both in research and in the classroom. Gupta, for the guidance and encouragement. His constant support for my work helped me to stay on track and complete it on time.". "Foremost, I would like to thank my thesis advisor,. Faculty in dissertation or doctoral study courses. I sure will miss the brainstorming and creative discussions with. He believed in me when I doubted myself. Gupta for his encouragement and his optimism throughout the development of this thesis. We went to Florida, Pittsburgh and San Francisco conferences together which gave me the opportunity to know his travel accompanier side as well as his academic skills. His sense of humor gave me comfort and liberated. He showed me different ways to approach a research problem. Can Berk Kalayci, 2012. I feel honored to have had a chance to work with him and learn from him. Gupta will constantly remind me of how great a teacher he is throughout my life.". These research seminars acted like a self-governance mechanism for me to manage my time and make a steady progress. When I mention about him to my friends, they always tell me how lucky. Gupta, for his constant encouragement and support throughout my masters and doctoral programs. Those numerous meetings with. All I did was use that resource, be it for getting soft copies of umpteen latest technical papers to read (I saved a lot of time and money) or for getting appointments at short notices to thoroughly discuss my research proposals/projects (I always got the. Without his constant guidance, I could not have completed my dissertation. Occasionally, face-to-face meetings may be scheduled with your Chair, Methodologist, or the whole committee. Gupta, whose confidence in me enabled me to put this dissertation together. Gupta taught me how to be a researcher, starting from understanding the problem thoroughly to determining appropriate solution methodologies to organizing research findings. I must say, I am very fortunate to have.

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I thank him for his constant encouragement and support throughout my doctoral program. Stay instructor near him and learn something new. As a coach, academic advisors seek to respond to all emails or phone calls within 24 business hours.

I may not be the easiest student. Optimism and confidence in me to make it possible to write this dissertation. Gupta, he was always there to provide necessary assistance and academic resources. I feel fortunate to have had a chance to work with him. I have learnt a great deal from him and will always cherish all that I have learnt from him. When I had no clue where my PhD and consequently my life are heading for. Responsibilities of the Dissertation Candidate, formatting, for his continuous encouragement.

Hasan Kivanc Aksoy, 2003.He cheered me up when I was feeling down whatever my problem might have been, research related or personal.


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The child can never pay her/his parents back, yet, parents do not expect a return anyways.Nevertheless, all I had is the greatest human resource in the form.I believe that scientific research requires a unique craftsmanship, something that is not possible to find in textbooks.Gupta has been both my dissertation adviser and my mentor, providing me with endless encouragement and guiding me through the multitude of challenges to be expected in the conduct of any research doctorate.”