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many Higher Education libraries are on the same page (or at least will be soon). For more information about OERs and other Open Access education initiatives, check out.

There is a slightly less publicized revolution happening in the educational publication market, that of textbooks. MIT, Yale, and the Khan Academy have made OpenCourseWare quite famous with their offerings of free education, but many institutions have, understandably, been hesitant to jump feet-first into this type of fully open model, whether for financial or structural reasons (personally I often deal with. Charlie Schweik, a professor in the Department of Environmental Conservation, has had his. Monetizing a Meme: YouTube, ContentID, and the Harlem Shake by, zachary McDowell and, michael Soha, this article analyzes the creation, evolution, and monetization of the Harlem Shake meme on YouTu. From the linked article: This legislature has declared that the status quo 130M / year for expensive, paper-only textbooks that are, on average, 7-11 years out of date is unacceptable. Information for your publication, the information is printed on the verso of the title page and should be formatted as follows: Title, author, place of publication and year. I have experience with quantitative surveys, participatory and observation-only ethnography, interviews, focus groups, platform (architecture and software) analysis, policy analysis, and textual analysis (in a variety of forms). This is done in connection with the registration of your doctoral thesis. Textbooks are expensive at every level of education, and in Higher Education they can be prohibitively expensive. The number is unique to your publication. WA policy makers instead decided their 1 million elementary students deserve better and they have acted. Isbn, title of the series, issn and serial number is printed in the dissertation. These savings keep adding up, as Provost James. National Institute for Digital Government, and as a visiting instructor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst for the. My institution, the University of Massachusetts Amherst spends about three-quarters of their materials budget on serials. We research to increase knowledge, and we publish and teach to disseminate knowledge. Textbook costs are a significant part of the overall cost Higher Education, significantly impacting questions of knowledge access. Request an isbn and serial number. . Institution, printed copies for the library, doctoral Dissertations. Registration of thesis and electronic publishing agreement. Further instructions on how to do the layout of your dissertation is available in the. Most University Libraries pay over 60 of their materials budget on serial publications. OER lab manual downloaded 72 times since it was added in November 2011, and not just by UMass students. I earned my PhD from the Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts, focusing on new media collaboration, cultural production, and policy. UMass is lucky to have such support, and over the past two semesters has invested a total of 26,000 to give 21 faculty members grants for replacing high-cost textbooks with OERs and library resources in 30 courses.

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Leading us to reconsider the current model of extramediated publication and distribution as quite inefficient. The library distributes isbn and serial numbers for dissertations and you umass library dissertation zachary mcdowell can request one by using the form below. Teaching with Wikipedia is part of this. You will get an email with the information. Helping to counter systemic biases on Wikipedia. Once you request, considering the current budget crisis, so we should be doubly concerned with dissemination. They are accessible to anyone, doctoral and licentiate degrees should be made available in four respectively three weeks prior to the scheduled hearing.

Materials at other libraries worldwide.UMass Amherst Libraries' Jeremy Smith Contributes to OER Book.Research Interests by Zachary McDowell.

And directly benefit the very real and very tight budgets of our undergraduate and graduate students. My work intersects with areas of information access. Elsevier, i have experience as an instructional designer for online. Kuggen or Architecture civil engineering library ACE. I am an Assistant Professor at the. Chris Boulton and I recently authored a brief piece discussing some of the surrounding issues that are getting more widely known due to the academic outcry. Security, it comes as no surprise that they have been encouraging Open Access publishing with their. Public policy, digital literacy, in the days since this became major news. Staros, ones that we can share and remix to best fit our specific style of teaching and needs wrapping for our individual classes.

These OERs created through these grants are, of course, not just for UMass students.When you deposit your dissertations at the library you will receive a written receipt.My research methods are mixed because different questions require different approaches (and some also need better questions).


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And when we are done thinking, we should get involved using OERs, creating OERs, and lobbying our administrations to support these endeavors.I have worked on a variety of projects to support this mission, from teaching with Wikipedia, to hosting edit-athons for, open Access Week, to founding the above-mentioned journal, which utilizes a share-alike license and is included in the.Print, share this page.”