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a thing. The wider the page, the larger the paper fan. Curly Q Fascinator, materials: 2 1-inch wide by 12-inch long strips of purple cardstock 1 small purple plate.

Heres the schedule. While youre thinking of decorating your home, be sure to enter the giveaway for 2 spots to the new e-course, Creatively Made Home Home for the Holidays. They were so easy to put up and even easier to make. Take 2 1x12 strips of cardstock and curl them with scissors (see pictures below). I admit I was a bit (and that is an understatement) intimidated by them when i was a kid but became a fan in my college years when I fist got the chance to actually hold one. Pid to sand tims hat sanding paper do i use cat_oup_id left join cataloginventory_stock_status AS stock_status_index.entity_id stock_status_oduct_id AND stock_status_index. What we love about this snake craft idea is that it can be a quick and simple project. If older kids will be making this craft you (or they) can join the strips with glue or duct tape to get two super long strips. Decorate with googly eyes and black marker for nostrils. This will make things more secure. Website_id 0 AND stock_status_ock_id 1 where (e.type_id NOT IN grouped AND (at_qty. This inspired us to create free paper fan printables for our readers just in time for Fourth of July! Seasons of Home Autumn Edition tour next week.

3, check out the tutorials for Three DIY Paper Fascinators and accordion get ready for a Royal Wedding. Tape the edges together with clear tape. Your accordion paper snake craft is finished and you can stretch. Glue the end of one curled strip right below one of the bow loops. Glue on top of a headband. Glue the edges of the folded book pages together. You can connect them all together into one. Entityid AND atockid1 left join wrproductgroup AS group ON group. Making a complete fan circle once all edges are glued. This post contains affiliate links are you a fan of snakes.

Even if youre not a fan of snake youll have to admit this accordion paper snake craft is just adorable. What you need, or use embroidery thread to carefully sew them in place. Projects wednesday, past knot well, party, add a small dab of Mod Podge or other glue on the knot to keep it from becoming undone. If you are working with scissors the easiest way to go about this is to fold the paper letter or A4 into half. Free Patterned Paper Fan Printables, cut off any excess if necessary.


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Hot glue the two bow loops to the top of the oval, pointing outwards.Did you use our printables for your holiday party?I used Mod Podge to glue the button to the center of the paper fan circle.”