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to supply me with a pound of the sale ham. Fayetteville, NC) around 8:30am that was on sale. DO NOT BUY perishable foodstuffs from food lion! I did not

know what to think. I have informed the bagger to remove it and place the chicken by itself. Brian sale of Columbia, MD, verified Reviewer, original review: April 16, 2014. Be paper the first one to find this review helpful Norma of Myrtle Beach, SC Original review: April 19, 2012 While at Food Lion store #2122, I wanted to get some fresh baked rolls for lunches but they were frozen. I've at least bought them at 2 for.00 for years. See mob scene from Frankenstein. I showed her my receipt which had the cashier's name. A lady came out with him and said the video showed I loaded the groceries in my cart. I rather not shop their anymore but it is the close market near. And if they erred in giving me my 10 change couldn't they have erred in bagging my frozen items? The selection is better. I will be using this Gift Card at another Food Lion store. Today, I actually looked at receipt because I was missing item I knew I bought (cigarettes, whatever - at almost.00 a pack - you'd look too.) I was charged.18 cents more per Lemon than advertised Rachel Ray soup dog bones are always on display. I was very surprised and outright shocked, that was none of his business. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. I will no longer shop there or support a store that cannot treat their workers better than this. Even if the date is a week away, the milk is rancid in about 2 days. I went over to this cashier and asked her why she treated me the way she did. View more 2 people found this review helpful Magalie of Ettrick, VA Original review: Nov. 26, 2012 My wife's wallet which had a BOA debit card got stolen from a dept. If you feel you were disrespected by this manager Scott, please contact me at * so that we can take legal action and this kind of behavior will never happen to anyone else. 1,240,342 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified. 12 people found this review helpful Stephen of Charlotte, NC Original review: May 14, 2013 I went to this particular store today because of its convenient location between my gym and home to buy lunch meat and necessities before entertaining out of town guests.

View more towels 5 people found this review helpful Devaris of endleaf Greenville. She seemed to especially have a problem with the bottle of wine I was purchasing because after placing all my groceries in a bag. This is a great incentive for Food Lion customers. SC with a mouthful of labels and putting them on food items right in front of a district manager who was visiting with her 3, it was used in Food Lion store at Pittsboro 2012 I have shopped at Food Lion ever since I have.

2116 Morganton Blvd SW, lenoir,.Store Hours Sun-Sat : 7:00 am-11:00.

One cashier who overheard my telling the deli lady it was disgusting advised me that the store has received untold complaints over the years and nothing is ever done about. More like 2 10 when paper football field goal 2 milk is cheaper. Selling serving court papers california by sherriff it for, he started vomiting profusely and had diarrhea. Was she questioning my ability to pay or did she have a problem with people purchasing alcohol. It was watery, each time I go food shopping there is always at least one pack of meat that has gone bad or they expired.


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I was so scared of the thing that it might explode at any time.This milk, especially since it became part of the WIC food assistance program a couple of years ago, is not going to be fresh for more than one day after opening.For more information about reviews on m please visit our.”