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Land Tenure in Basutoland Sheddick,. G., PhD The Role and Organisation of a Berber Zawiya Gellner,. Discuss the use of human rights by individuals convicted of crimes. Copies of

recent theses are held by the LSE Library. M., PhD Kinship and Gender as Political Processes Among the Miskitu of Eastern Nicaragua Jamieson,. Using relevant case studies, explain the anthropology of kinship. E., PhD 1992 Social Transformations and the Impact of Formal Schooling on the Huaorani of Ecuador Rival,., PhD Italian Immigrants in Contemporary Buenos Aires: their Responses to Changing Political, Economic and Social Circumstances Schneider,., PhD An Anthropological Account of Islamic Holy Men. W., PhD An Analysis of the Structure of Compadrazgo Ties in Selected Areas of Latin America Mitchell,. R., MA The Malay Family in Singapore Djamour,., PhD Social Control among Central Highlanders art of New Guinea Berndt,. McIvor, M, PhD, future aspirations and life choices: a comparison of young adults in urban China and Taiwan. M., MA The Contemporary Position of Chiefs in Sierra Leone, with Special Reference to the Mende and Temne Bond,. Islamic reformism in West Bengal. H., PhD Some Problems Concerning the Chinese in Oceania Elliss,. A., PhD 1995 The Elite of the Maldives: Socio-Political Organisation and Change Colton,. F., PhD Nuala Settlement and Ecology: an Approach to the Environmental Relations of an Eastern Indonesian Community Ellen,. C., PhD Marriage, Honour and Property: Turkish Cypriots in North London Bridgewood,., PhD 1985 The Sacred City of Anuradhapura: Aspects of Sinhalese Buddhism and Nationhood Nissan,., PhD Malangan, exchange and regional integration in Northern New Ireland, Papua New Guinea Kuechler,. J., PhD 1935 The Political and Religious Structure of Nupe Society (Northern Nigeria) Nadel,. A., PhD An Anthropological Study of Longshoremen and of Industrial Relations in the Port of St John's, Newfoundland, Canada Mars,., PhD Social Organisations and Political Change in a Cypriot Village Loizos,., PhD The Recognition of Sickness and it's Causes: a Medico Anthropological Study. Thorough research is the call for the day to succeed in anthropology dissertations. A., MA Cochiti Kinship Structure and the Analysis of Pueblo Social Organisation Fox,. B., PhD Gender, Citizenship and Reproductive Rights in the Poblaciones of Southern Santiago, Chile Willmot,., PhD Transforming Traditions: the Dynamics of Cultural Variation in the Gamo Highlands, Southwest Ethiopia Freeman,. 600-300.C.) Adams 1983 Arcury, Thomas Household structure and economic change in a rural community: 1900 to 1980 (Kentucky) van Willigen 1982 Marshall, Patricia Rural and urban factors in alcohol use in Appalachian setting Pearsall 1982 Sovine, Melanie The mysterious Melungeons: A critique of the.

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The biomoral economy of worklunch in Mumbai. Visceral politics of food, phD Symbolic Space and the Construction of Hierarchy. MPhil An Anthropological and Psychological Investigation of Use and Understanding of Kin. MM, phD, wong, phD, s MPhil 1972 Beyond the Village, an Anthropological and Cognitive Developmental Study in a guillotine ec17 electric paper cutter manual Fijian Village Toren. A Study of Contemporary Politics in the Hinterland of Madang. And politicaleconomic change in post Cold War Jinmen. D And culture in the Jamaican community health aide programme AbbottJamieson. Work, and death in the time coated paper properties of Ebola in Freetown.

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The Word became flesh and blood. Enterprise and antimodernity among reforming evangelicals in a United States city. MA Social Structure of a Sugar Estate grover cleveland papers Community in British Guiana. MH, agricultural Livelihoods and Commodities in Serenje.

L., MA Theories of Witchcraft with Special Reference to East and Central Africa Harrison,.A., PhD The Reaction of the Batswana to the Practice of Western Medicine Seeley,.Huang, J, PhD, to fulfil the law: evangelism, legal activism and public Christianity in contemporary England.


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S., MPhil An Assessment of the Significance of Cooperation and Reciprocity in Selected Hunting and Gathering Societies Bugajski,., MPhil Basque Nationalism: its Economic, Political and Cultural Determinants and Effects (with Special Reference to the Village of Elqueta, Guipuzcoa) Heiberg,., PhD 1980 Land Tenure.A., PhD 1983 Kinship, Property and Interpersonal Relations in an Urban Milieu: the Case of Exarchia, Athens Zatz,.A., PhD An Analysis of Kinship Terminology and Social Organisation in North East Malekula, Vanuatu (New Hebrides) Clausen,.J., PhD Place, Person, and Ancestry Among the Temanambondro of Southeast Madagascar Thomas,., PhD Consumption and Urban Space in Post-Soviet Moscow Perrotta,.”