Flame paper lanterns - Moisture wicking paper for staining cells

common approach to wildland fire for federal agencies. Alidade A sighting device used by lookouts to determine the horizontal bearing and sometimes the vertical angle of a fire

from a lookout. Agency An administrative division of a government with a specific function, or a non-governmental organization (e.g., private contractor, business, etc.) that offers a particular kind of assistance. Locally called by various names such as Santa Ana winds, Devil winds, North winds, Mono winds, etc. Also called ignition temperature. Security Weather Watch Observers are posted at one or more strategic locations in the proximity of a fire to detect and warn fire personnel of pending critical weather changes that might significantly affect the fire. Management requirements are derived from land/resource management plan and fire management plan standards and guidelines information. Benefits Something that represents, promotes or enhances a desired outcome, being of positive value and contributing to the attainment of organizational goals. Emission Rate The amount, or mass of smoke produced per unit of time. Landowner The person or entity that owns the land or has the authority to convey title to others. Backfiring makes possible a strategy of locating control lines at places where the fire can be fought on the firefighter's terms. Full-thickness Burn A burn involving all the layer of the skin. There is only one Base per incident. Shutoff Pressure Maximum pressure a centrifugal pump will attain when water flow is clamped or shut off. Reportable Fire Any wildfire that requires fire suppression to protect natural resources or values associated with natural resources, or is destructive to natural resources. Containment The status of a wildfire suppression action signifying that a control line has been completed around the fire, and any associated spot fires, which can reasonably be expected to stop the fire's spread.

Moisture wicking paper for staining cells

Controlled Airspace Airspace of defined dimensions within which air traffic control service is provided to IFR and VFR flights in accordance with the airspace classification. Safety Warning, an area may be in attainment for one or and more pollutants but be in nonattainment for one or more other pollutants 6 paper or more cloud cover is termed" Not the type of resource responding. quot; and Safety Bulletin, synoptic Chart In meteorology, convection The transfer of heat by the movement of a gas or liquid. Suppression, hover Ceiling Highest altitude above sea level at which a helicopter can hover at maximum computed gross weight. Any chart or map on which data and analyses are presented that describe the state of the atmosphere over a large area at a given moment in time.

A4 (size) A common ISO A-size of about 8-1/4 by 11-3/4 inches or 210 x 297mm.For all sizes see International Paper and Board Sizes.Abaca A fiber also known as manila hemp or manila fiber, prepared from the outer sheath of the stems of manila.

The mechanics of these upper lows is such that a pool of cool moist air wicking always accompanies their development. Snag A standing dead tree or part of a dead tree from which at least the leaves and smaller branches have fallen. Into against the wind or downslope.

FPUs may relate to a single administrative unit, a sub-unit, or any combination of units or sub-units.Station Pressure Pressure of the atmosphere at an assigned station location and elevation.Mcleod A combination hoe or cutting tool and rake, with or without removable blades.


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These situations may or may not result in injury.Forest Planning Language and Simulator (forplan) Computer program developed to facilitate the use of simulation for integrating many different resource management activities, including fire, into the land management planning process.The subsystems are: The Incident Command System, Training, Qualifications and Certification, Supporting Technologies, and Publications Management.Oral medications are also available for the nail fungus cures.”