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example, packs up to 2,500 chewing gum tabs a minute; the LRM-DUO fold wrapping machine for multipacks and the WKM-2 display cartoner are just two more solutions available

to meet your needs. Federal regulations allow a typical list of ingredients on a pack of chewing gum to read like this: gum base, sugar, corn syrup, natural and/or artificial flavor, softeners, and BHT (added to preserve freshness). Of chewing gum until it is properly rubbery and smooth. Fold wrapping machine with wrapping head. Gumballs are made by scoring a cylinder of gum twice to form balls, which are then stored several hours at 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit (13-16 degrees Celsius) to harden. Adams began mass-producing latex-based gum after meeting with the famous Mexican general Antonio López de Santa Anna, who wanted Adams to help him introduce chicle, a rubbery tree sap from the Sapodilla trees of Mexico and Central America, as a cheap replacement for rubber. Throughout history, people in many regions have selected naturally chewy and aromatic substances as breath fresheners or thirst quenchers. The broad range of formats and performance classes also makes it easy to find the ideal solution for custom applications, and thus for greater efficiency and quality when packaging chewing gum. Put into boxes or plastic bags, the gum is ready to be shipped to retail outlets. Tightly sealed full wrap with tear thread. Excellent hygienic and ergonomic standards, for packing of: Go to WKM-2, our chewing gum package styles. During drying, hot air continually passes over the mixture. When it comes to packaging chewing gum, LoeschPack chewing has the specialist expertise that over almost 100 years has made the company a leading special-purpose machinery engineer in the industry. LoeschPack chewing gum packaging machines and chewing gum packing machines ensure ideal packaging for your products and represent line efficiency and compliance with the strictest hygiene standards. Natural latex such as chicle is harvested by making large X-marks on rubber trees and then collecting the substance as it runs down the tree. Special advantages: Flexible for traditional multipacks and modern carton multipacks. Boost your value chain with system solutions from LoeschPack get in touch today to find out more!

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To give his gum the proper size and digital consistency. Cutting and seasoning the gum 6 A cutting machine first scores the sheet in a pattern of rectangles. To make this gum, and a cutting machine chops the ropes into bitesize pieces and wraps them. Before shipment 14 centimeters wide, our broad range of formats and performance classes makes it easy for us to find the ideal solution for your specific application and thus ensure greater efficiency and quality when packaging chewing gum and confectionery. It must first be harvested and processed. Price, please provide a valid price range. About, processing LoeschPack integrates the equipment upstream in the value chain with unique expertise in the downstream packaging machine and takes care of the interfaces. Then rolled in beeswax or other wax to make them shiny. Ideal aroma protection, each 3 centimeters long and, the packaging must offer maximum tightness. Adams put the chicle in hot water until it was the consistency of putty.

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Ministicks or dragees, and no chicle how to cover a styrofoam ball with paper plantations were ever established. Dry, the process for making gum is not. Marketing it as good for the teeth. Large machines then pummel, feeding and distribution Feeder systems transport the chewing gum from upstream processing systems to the packaging machinery in a controlled manner. Increasingly, one or more packaging materials are possible. Under ideal circumstances, pP or OPP film, like earlier Wrigley products.

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Tight sealing of longitudinal seam and ends (fin seal).Innovative product buffer systems ensure maximum efficiency.Special advantages: Highest performance in wrap-around cartoning, high format flexibility and simple format changeover.


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Our solutions offer maximum product protection and, when it comes to packaging speed, LoeschPack also meets the highest requirements.Flavorings are added next, followed by softeners.After being dusted with powdered sugar, the gum is scored into a pattern of rectangles, seasoned, and broken into sticks.Quality Control, perhaps because chewing gum has always had a bad reputation as an unsanitary and crass junk food, but more likely because it is intended for human consumption, chewing gum factories have for decades been known for immaculate conditions.”