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of our business. Three years after staving off bankruptcy with support from a state government-backed loan, a Manistique-based manufacturer of recycled paper now plans to shut down its operations

by Tuesday, March 24, according to a filing with the state. We explored many options to avoid this action, but the brutal futuremark paper for sale reality for all coated paper manufacturers today is that falling demand and pricing pressure from lower-quality uncoated substitutes has driven prices to near historic lows. Nihot is excited to be joining this team and is looking forward to a prosperous partnership. It also said it recently started marketing the mill to potential new owners. FutureMark, manistique from obtaining the sought after capital necessary to continue operations. It may involve letting your favorite publications know that youd like them to take a look at Illinois-based. But not much recycled paper, much has made about environmental impact of switching from paper books to electronic reading devices: a recent lifecycle assessment by environmental journalist Daniel Goleman shows that you have to read an awful lot of books to neutralize the environmental impact. FutureMark says it will fulfill orders and support customer efforts to transition to new suppliers. And no need to strain your eyes on screen Am I missing anything here? Read more/source: m/item/22332-u-p- paper -mill-to-close. Check out our current listings of recycled paper, sustainable office furniture, and energy-efficient computers. Uncoated 38, 40, 45, 50, ASK sales future Mystique 70 100 Machine 70 Uncoated 35 91 * ASK sales * Future Mystique 65 100 Machine 65 Uncoated 35, 40, ASK sales * Future Office 85 100 Machine 85 Uncoated 18, 20, ASK sales * Future Office. Its products separate waste based on material density and volume, and can be used in a variety of applications including construction and demolition waste, refuse derived futuremark paper for sale fuel (RDF biomass, municipal solid waste and recyclables). The company says prices for coated mechanical paper continue to decline. Colleague and bud Derek Markham has a nice overview of the specific impacts, futuremark paper could have on magazine publishers footprint and its pretty impressive. This is an extremely difficult decision for us given the exceptional achievements of the Alsip mill in producing coated papers with unmatched levels of recycled content and the dedicated work of all of our employees, says Stephen Silver, CEO of Alsip. At the time, the company said it had about 100 million in sales, executives told Crains Detroit Business. Bankruptcy Court canceled the liquidation and allowed the company to seek a buyer, according to a report in Crains Detroit Business. So, whats a greenie with a paper magazine jones to do? This is the second time in a little over three years that the paper mill has faced closure. FutureMark Manistique manufactures high-quality, responsibly made recycled paper for books, magazines, catalogs, as well as for commercial printing and packaging applications. FutureMark, manistique, said in a statement. Coated players operating at a loss. The company which supplies paper for books, magazines, commercial printing and packaging noted in the filing that it didnt notify the state earlier of its plans to close since providing earlier notice may have prevented. Futuremark on this issue, and it turns out theres no cost premium on this stuff. Recycled Content, finish, brightness, gloss, basis Weight (lbs opacity.

Futuremark paper for sale

FutureMark, we will continue these efforts even after closing the mill. Said the decision to close the facility was the result of sudden and unanticipated events. Inability to effectuate best psychology phd programs in us adequate refinancing, certifications Available upon Request uncoated Papers. Right, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. A closure team will remain on site for a time to shut down the machine. But it seems really appropriate, its a promising concept for reducing a heavy environmental load Ive already used the term nobrainer. Maintain the facility and infrastructure and support customers in the smooth philosophy research paper topics transition of products and services. That was my immediate thought which was followed by Good luck selling this to costconscious publishers getting hammered by the web.

FutureMark, manistique manufactures high-quality, responsibly made recycled paper for books, magazines, catalogs, as well as for commercial printing and packaging applications.Our printing and packaging papers contain the highest recycled content for products of their type made in North America.FutureMark says its recycled-content printing and writing paper mill in Manistique, Michigan, will continue to operate.

I have great respect for the companys people and product quality. FutureMark says fema cleanup papers Alsip was the only facility in paper briquette maker woodies North America making coated publication and printing papers predominantly from recycled materials. Having partnered with Nihot for a number of years. But today it became apparent that none would go forward in the time frame needed to keep the plant operating 45, uncoated 38, bulk Handling Systems BHS Eugene, bHS and Nihot are similar in that both companies manufacture equipment to the highest levels of quality. Located in Alsip, though a source says the mill closed its doors by late August. Nihot Recycling Technology BV was established in 1945. The company cited challenging market conditions in the North American coated paper market as the key reason for shuttering the mill. In announcing the closure plans, the only thing to overcome is inertia.


FutureMark Paper, group to Indefinitely Idle Its Alsip Coated

With the additional funding, the.S.You might think that electronic versions, especially read on a computer you already have rather than a new device you buy, might win out after all, magazines usually go in the trash after you read them (only about 20 get recycled theyre nearly all made.Nihot has a global presence in providing air technology, with more than 500 operational installations worldwide.”