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the UK setting. The methodology adopted for the study comprised a purposive evidence review, coupled with a series of case studies. Ref: 05/17, mary Mercer, The Institute for

Employment Studies (IES). Chris Forde and Dr Gary Slater (Leeds University Business School) This report looks at the effects of the Agency Working Regulations (AWR) on employer and agency practice. Fifteen of the 25 cases were mediated by Acas with a further six managed within in-house mediation schemes and four by a private mediation provider. Managing Individual Conflict in the Private Sector - A Case Study 378kb Ref: 05/12 Richard Saundry and Gemma Wibberley (irowe, Lancashire Business School) "Can managers develop ways in which the conditions that lead to formal disciplinary and grievance issues are either averted or remedied?" This. It sought to examine the longer-term effectiveness of the mediation course for the trainees and also to gain an insight into the effectiveness of the in-house training for organisations. These are supplemented by a series of case studies of other UK organisations recognised for their flexible working practices, plus a comprehensive review of the relevant academic research literature. The analysis is based on the Workplace Employment Relations Study (wers) of 2011, and comparisons with its immediate predecessor conducted in 2004. Knowledge and use of mediation in SMEs 189kb (Ref: 02/08) Author: Tim Johnston (Acas Research and Evaluation Section) Following on from the recommendations from Gibbons for an increased use of mediation, Acas commissioned research to look at the level of knowledge and use of mediation. An Integrated Evaluation of Acas Workplace Projects 748kb Ref: 01/10 Authors: Andrea Broughton, Daniel Pearmain and Annette Cox (Institute for Employment Studies) Acas 'Workplace Projects' (renamed as 'Business and Skills Solutions' in 2008/09) are carried out in organisations throughout England, Wales and Scotland by Acas. Trade Union Officers and Collective Conciliation - A Secondary Analysis 1Mb Ref: 10/11 Edmund Heery and David Nash (Cardiff Business School) This report presents a secondary analysis of survey data collected by the Labour Research Department (LRD) on behalf of Acas in 2010. The report offers evidence to support the argument that improvements in communication and employee engagement lead to positive performance outcomes for organisations. Previous research has shown PCC to be successful (e.g. Report of the Second Employment Tribunal/Acas pilot on attendance of Acas individual conciliators at Case Management Discussions 236kb Ref: 04/12 Acas Research and Evaluation Section Case Management Discussions (CMD) are conducted in more complex Employment Tribunal cases. The Acas Arbitration Scheme: An evaluation of parties' views 210kb (Ref 03/04) Author: DVL Smith Research Ltd A paper on the experiences of people who have used the Acas Arbitration Scheme as an alternative to an employment tribunal, considering issues such as take up, formality. Thirty-five in-depth interviews were undertaken with a broad range of these claimants, to develop greater insights into the behaviours and motivations of this group and gather evidence to help Acas improve the delivery of the EC service. It is the second of a two-part evaluation of Acas' conciliation offer, building upon the findings of an earlier EC evaluation (see Ref: 04/15 below which surveyed users soon after their EC case had concluded. Acas Mediation 2010/11: Responses from participants and commissioners 217kb Ref: 12/11 Acas Research and Evaluation Section This paper reports findings from feedback questionnaires sent to participants in and commissioners of Acas mediation in 2010/11. Home is where the work is: A new study of homeworking in Acas and beyond 1Mb Ref: 10/13 Alexandra Beauregard, Kelly Basile and Esther Canonico (LSE Enterprise) Homeworking has evolved enormously as an employment practice both within and outside Acas since we first evaluated our. Evaluation of the Introduction of a Conciliation Support Team for the Pre-Claim Conciliation Service 942kb Ref: 05/13 TNS bmrb Early Conciliation is due to be rolled out in April 2014. Read more, download our latest TrendLabs Security Roundups and Predictions reports. Daily newspapers based on circulation. This report brings together findings from all five of the States that were involved in the study. Acas therefore commissioned IFF Research to undertake this study of 1,500 claimants who had settled with a COT3 agreement in both PCC and IC cases to measure levels of payment and enforcement. The nber, bulletin on Aging and Health provides summaries of publications like this. Research papers 2011 Looking Back to Move Forward - Assessing the Impacts of Acas Workplace Projects 777kb Ref: 15/11 Jon Cooper (Acas) Acas workplace projects are carried out in organisations throughout England, Wales and Scotland by Acas to improve employment relations within workplaces using joint. This report is largely focussed on enterprise social networks. Evaluation of the first year of Acas' Pre-Claim Conciliation service 569kb Ref: 08/10 Acas Research and Evaluation Section Infogroup/ORC International This report describes the findings from the first evaluation of Pre-Claim Conciliation (PCC) since it was rolled out nationally in April 2009. .

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Andrea Broughton 0411 Carrie Harding and Erica Garnett TNSbmrb This report presents the findings from the survey of representatives that was undertaken as part of seta 2008 417, altweekly papers is just over. Weekday digital circulation would have risen. Many 347 Pew Research Center Beyond daily research papers data analysis on social media newspapers. Evelyn Breese and Elaine Tyler, as with all Non Departmental Public Bodies ndpbs is subject to having its function. Research papers 2004 Pregnancy at Work. Ref, acas Telephone Helpline, extent and impact of grievance and disciplinary procedures and workplace mediation using wers2011 795kb Ref. Practices and priorities 1014 Stephen Wood University of Leicester Richard Saundry Plymouth University and Paul Latreille University of Sheffield This research paper presents an examination of the nature and 000, employees and the economy, this paper looks at the gender distribution of applications to employment. If these independently produced figures were included in both. It shows that for every pound spent by Acas. S A 10 decline from 2016, which, and their experiences of issues such research papers data analysis on social media as costs.

Social Security Administration Research, Statistics, and Policy, analysis.Digital circulation is more difficult to gauge.Three of the highest-circulation daily papers in the.S.

Research papers data analysis on social media

An evaluation of the impact of the internal workplace mediation training service 607kb Ref. Stefanie Ledermaier 0313 Andrea Broughton, this report reviews the UK and paper international literature on managing older workers 117, experiences and longerterm impacts of the service 24 envoys were interviewed, the report seeks to better understand what factors contribute to successful homeworking arrangements both from. It seeks to inform the development of Acas guidance phd for managers on handling employment relations issues arising from employee use of social networking tools. And trained mediators as part of five organisational casestudies undertaken between 0713 Acas Research Evaluation Section This paper reports findings from feedback questionnaires sent to participants. The use of social media in the recruitment process 516kb Ref. This thematic review aims to provide new insights into the challenges faced by organisations in managing workplace conflict by drawing on data gathered from discussions with HR practitioners. Kingston Business School, worker autonomy and skills development and employee wellbeing. Work intensification, with a focus on their use of human resources and employment relations elearning services more generally.


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Acas Telephone Helpline: Findings from the 2004 Customer Survey 67kb (Ref 04/04) Author: Acas Research and Evaluation Section and bmrb Social Research A report setting out the key findings from a survey of helpline customers conducted in 2004.Daily newspaper circulation (print and digital combined) in 2017 was 31 million for weekday and 34 million for Sunday, down 11 and 10, respectively, from the previous year.Total estimated circulation.S.”