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a hassle this summer. Click the link below to download and print the Summer Homework packet. Dreidel A month long celebration with special eating times. Many holidays are celebrated

all over the world. Ask your child to summarize each book by discussing the main ideas and important characters. Some people celebrate Kwanzaa. Tally marks Singing and listening to holiday music tally marks Spending time with family and friends tally marks Playing outside or in the snow tally marks Decorating for winter break Winter Homework Packet Grade 2 Page - 7 - 8 Number of Votes Singing and.

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1 write grade 2 Student s name Room number Winter Homework Packet Grade 2 Page 1 2 Read the nonfiction story about holidays around the world 7 ama An Angel Just Like Me Mary Hoffman. Your child should ask at least 10 people but no more than. People give thanks for the things they have. Why do you like your improved toy better 7 th month Book Title Author Level All I Want for Christmas Rebecca Gómez.

2 nd grade getting ready for 3rd grade summer packet!Use this packet over the summer to introduce key topics that are necessary in 3rd grade!2 nd Grade Weekly Homework Packets.

Especially during the twelve days of Christmas. You can access these through your School homework packet for 2nd grade Net account and go to educator resources. Icon Rising 1st Graders Reading English Language Arts Summer Packet 2017.


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Summer homework packets are posted Roberts, elementary, summer homework packets are posted online, including keys for the upper grades.Have fun with this and have your child make those predictions!Complete the rough draft.Create a Winter Season Showcase on your paper plate: Write words and sentences (from your rough draft) Draw pictures Use pictures from magazines, newspapers or clip art Use things you find outside to decorate your plate (seeds, pinecones, leaves anything!) have FUN with THE project!”