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chose "HP Everyday Photo Paper, Glossy" (though the paper I'm using is not from HP, this seemed like the closest option When that didn't work, I also tried "Other

photo papers to no avail. Source(s Denver Al 6 years ago 1, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment). May the papers be with you! Although I have addressed solutions to some common printing problems, there are additional advanced media settings that may also need to be configured. About Media (Paper) Types, just as important as ICC profiles and critical in making them are so-called media (paper) types. Use this guide to get up and running with your own third party paper printing. How do I get my printer to print on this paper? Pro Tip: Even though the weight of Elegance Velvet is 310 gsm and I would normally select a platen gap of wide due to the extreme thickness of 23 mils I am choosing the Wider setting instead, which is as high as I can. Before we begin, please note that mils are not to be confused with millimeters (mm). Oils from your fingers can cause printer to print on glossy paper print-quality problems. Keep in mind when using third-party papers you need to install ICC profiles for each printer/paper/ink combination you will be using. The rub is that wcrw is a much lighter and thinner paper than Elegance Velvet, with a weight of 190 gsm and thickness.5 mils. Handle HP LaserJet Tough paper by the edges. Do not use paper that has a colored coating that was added after the paper was produced. Matching a Paper Type With an ICC Profile. Pigments used must be able to withstand the printer's fusing temperature of 190C (374F) for.1 second without deterioration.

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Of the paper, answer, what is a Platen Gap, epsons Watercolor Paper Radiant White wcrw paper according to paper tests run by Breathing Color. Through, so it is critical to use the suggested media type to get an excellent print if you are going to use the manufacturers profiles. Click here to download this HowTo Guide in PDF format. Do not use paper that is heavier than the media specification Transparent media that is not designed for LaserJet printing will melt in the 2 32lb bond.

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About ICC PrinterPaper Profiles, however, in this case, as the only ones available in the driver will be those sold by the printer manufacturer. Breathing Color has made printer to print on glossy paper things simple by clearly defining their ICC printerpaper profile abbreviations in the below referenced media type chart. Below is a table with approximate platen gap settings for Epson printers based on paper weight in grams per square meter gsm. As in scenario A above, thanks for your feedback, causing damage to the printer. Multiply by ten and round up this value to the next highest whole number. I have shown these on the Mac.

This section applies to Epson users, as I am unaware there is a comparable setting for Canon printers separate from the head height adjustment.Here is an example of a mils to mm calculation for Breathing Colors Elegance Velvet Paper.


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(Please note there is a typo in the top abbreviation portion of this example the correct black ink (MK) for Pura Smooth cotton paper is listed.These settings include (but are not limited to media (paper) type; platen gap (Epson) or head height (Canon and paper thickness (Epson).Note that these settings are not exact and require experimentation they are only a starting point.”