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Ball Mary Crafts - Make a homemade Mary for your nativity scene using a polystyrene ball and a paper cup. Lets Play Mancalas - Use Crayola products, paper cups

key and a box to make this homemade mancalas game. Add clothes with paint, fabric, or felt. Paper Cup Baskets - Learn how to make a paper cup basket. Then fold it in half and cut a half circle out of the circle. Now get some colorful tissue paper and crumple it up in a ball and glue it to the center of the flower. Click here to see more bird craft ideas for kids. Paper Cup Monsters - Children can use their creativity to make a monster out of a paper cup and polystyrene ball. This will be the bird's head. One Very Cool Cow - Make this very cool cow using a paper cup, white tissue paper, tape, a black pipe cleaner, black construction paper and a few other supplies. Get some 3 oz cups - preferrably in different colors. Number Caterpillar - This is a fun and educational caterpillar craft for preschoolers and toddlers. When cotton balls are dry, fluff them out again. And you dont even have to throw it away when Halloween is over. Pull the end of the string inside the cup, through the holes in a button and fasten with a knot. Yummy Mummy Treat Cups - Make these adorable Mummy treat cups for Halloween party! Paper Cup Bats - Make a bat Halloween decoration from a paper cup, polystyrene ball, black paint, glue, wiggle eyes, black craft foam and white puff paint. Draw an eye on both sides of the circle. Paper Cups Christmas Trees - Make a Christmas tree decoration using 10 paper cups, 1 rubber band, and other supplies. Copyright 2016 m All rights black reserved. Make sure nobody around you has peanut allergies before starting.

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How to Make Paper Cup Drums With Preschoolers Learn how toddlers and preschoolers can make their own drums from paper cups. Dip each cotton ball into the yellow colored water and then place each cotton ball on an old folded newspaper to dry. Make a Golden Trophy with Two Paper Cups. Tissue Angels Kids can make a tissue Angel for each bathroom for the holidays. Cut out arms by drawing a long oval paper with 2 letter apos. Uapos, with a tweezer, thumbs on both ends seen in illustration above. Naaman in the Jordan River This craft goes well with the Bible story" NotSoTribal styrofoam Masks Find out how you can make a NotSoTribal Mask of your own. Remember to add a tab to the bottom of the circle.

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Start off by punching holes on opposite sides how to cover a styrofoam ball with paper of the cup just below the top rim. Craft foam, craft knife adult only glue stick. Paper cup, to make this, drinking straws, scissors. Snowman Cups Make this adorable snowman cup with your children during their winter break. Easy and inexpensive bird crafts for how to cover a styrofoam ball with paper kids.


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How to Make a Cup Anemometers - Make your own anemometers using five small paper cups and a few other supplies.Cut two more pieces of pipe cleaner, each 1/2 inch long.This is to prevent the string from pulling out of the cup.”