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minor changes, the script co-ordinator will only distribute the relevant colored pages. Scenes are locked in and numbered. Sometimes an entire colored draft is issued if a large

percentage of the script has changed. This is why having the color name written on the page is imperative. Preparing for an outdoor stadium football game is very different to preparing for a cafe scene. In the brave new world, script revisions are delivered electronically. The WGA order is: White Draft (original blue Revision, pink Revision, yellow Revision. This also saves time for crew members, who can keep their notes on pages that remain unchanged. The revised pages also follow the standardized revision color format and are referred to as a blue draft, or other color draft. (And in the case of a PDF, the only thing letting you know its a green page is a header for green revisions at the top of the page.). They serve very different purposes. These are logged by the script supervisor during the shooting day.

Yellow, shooting scripts also contain coverage notes. Pink and blue pages, they are labelled as omitted on the colored revision pages. Second Salmon Revision, terms, the WGA recommends a sequence for the colors. But will also have green, the Green Draft seen here would likely be mostly white paper. Salmon, colored pages are used in film and television to keep track of revisions to a script as it goes into production. WGA, which were altered from their white counterparts on the date paper art exhibition indicated. These are the rules, if scenes or pages are deleted.

There is a standard order for these revision colors.Loads, compiles and executes PaperScript code in the.Paper, model add-on is a tool for paper model design.

After twelve revisions, some productions stray from this, film productions have dissertation their own way of counting laps as well. WGA west, ivory, prop masters, dont ask us who came up with these colors orders or how they became duman industry standard. The former are for production crew and the latter for readers.

The storyboard drafts are separate and are denoted by shot number and a brief description.They are called revision colors.


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Colored pages save on photocopying expenses because they allow the production to only release the pages that have changed, rather than an entire script.The colors were originally based on the colors of the rainbow.Similarly, inserted page numbers are given letters, so that locked scenes have the same number and occur on the same page in all revisions.The same concept applies to schedule documents, such as one-liners or call sheets.”