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of the. Quilling: Flower arrangement in beige, cherry blossom, framed paper quilling art. Three or four gray ring coils to form bubbles. Easter Duckling This little crimped duckling's body

is made from a full strip of crimped paper shaped into a shaped teardrop, his little wing is a 6" crimped strip in a shaped teardrop; his head is a 12" tight roll. Make six 3 triangles and glue them to the tips of the marquises, Add jewels as shown #3 Snowflake Using 12 strips, make six 6 loop wheatears and pinch both ends to a point. Dandelions, framed paper quilling, lily and dragonfly, framed quilling, orchid again, framed paper quilling. I then added a little punch flower for an accent. Quilled dandelions and violets, framed work. Sunflowers Courtesy of Patricia Caputo 2 Brown crimped loose coils (6.2cm) for centers 12-14 Yellow marquises (3,.6 cm) for petals 12-14 Dark yellow marquises (3,.6 cm) for petals 6 Green english alternate looped leaves (6.2 cm) Arrange as shown Fall Bouquet Courtesy. #4 Snowflake- Make one 3 tight circle for the center of the snowflake. Make six 3 open V scrolls, add a touch of glue to keep the open curls from separating. Add jewels as shown or as desired. Finally, all my posts about quilling are listed below, as well as some quilling-related resources at the end of this page. One strip curled slightly for face. This is really pretty ornament if you make two poinsettias and glue them back to back. I made two pink flowers and one red. When both pieces were done I sprayed them with several light coats of Stiffen Stuff #6 Snowflake make one 3 tight circle for center of snowflake. Use tight rolls for a center and you are ready to go! I then added the other four strips one at a time to get the varigated look. Glue the six V wrapped marquises to the center tight circle. Make six 6" tight rolls for the sides of his face. Make six 3 Open V scrolls and glue them in between the long arms of the snowflake. Quilled, floral arrangement: a basket of quilled flowers. Arrange as shown, graduation Owl, this little owl dresses up a gift tag or card. "Stained Glass" Easter Egg I started by making a gold vellum cross using five 6" marquises, and four 3" marquises wrapped in black open V-scrolls. Simple quilled flowers in a beveled frame.

How to make paper quilling bouquet

And pomegranate Rosh Hashanah cards, using 15 strips of paper for each make two tight what goes into a thesis statement rolls. If you wrap around a prescription bottle they will be larger. Two black, quilled pomegranates Happy Birthday, framed Quilling. S Day cards Cards for promoting quilling in Israel theories from the framework for this dissertation Handmade Hanukkah greeting cards Mazal Tov quilling card Baby girl simple quilling card Purple card with quilled flower. Quilling Tutorials General Quilling, apple, tight rolls and glue them as shown.

These patterns are for you.enjoy.We will keep adding additional patterns as time permits, so come back often.

Framed quilling, strips, then the label cards is what you need. T flatten 1 si" two cookies, but please notice that not all of allentown pa local news paper my cards were made using quilling. Bandaged Heart, moth and thistles, card with a snowman Hanukkah magnets with quilled dreidels Quilled Hanukkah greeting cards Space rocket and planets. Start with this project, he is standing in the shade of a large crimped 3 looped wheatear flower I used 1" Too, quilled butterfly in a shadowbox, add bling as desired. If you are new to leather craft. One gray six inch teardrop for mouseapos. Make six 3 open heart scrolls. Put just a touch of glue to close the hearts and glue them to the ends of the marquises as shown " add jewels as shown or desired.

Thirteen black 6" marquises for cauldron.One tiny teardrop for Mouse's ear.Then glue them to the center tight circle.


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One gray.5 teardrop for mouse's head.Assemble as shown (Do they even have globes in school anymore?).Glue base of the 6 wheatears together.(Measure a 1/4" strip so it fits inside the top of the pumpkin, glue sot he top sits on the bottom.”