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and Applications in Data Science Multiprocessor architectures from an application programmers perspective: programming models, processor clusters, multi-core processors, GPUs, algorithmic paradigms, efficient parallel problem solving, scalability and portability. D.)

comp 6902.5 credit (CSI 7900) Graduate Project (Ph. Programming experience on parallel processing equipment. Topics include: basic concepts, layering, delay models, multi-access communication, queuing theory, routing, fault-tolerance, and advanced topics on high-speed networks, ATM, mobile wireless networks, and optical networks. Undergraduate Option Manager, carmen Nemer-Sirois ltech. This course lays the algorithmic foundations to understand, use and further this technology. Also offered at the undergraduate level, with different requirements, as comp 4202, for which additional credit is precluded. The major/specialty requirements are as follows: Thesis students must choose one strategic management term paper topics major field of study and complete the corresponding major track. Functional conformance: scenario modeling and verification, design by contract. Emphasis on data models, architectures, logic-based techniques for query processing, metadata and consistency management, the role of XML and ontologies in data integration; connections to schema mapping, data exchange, and P2P systems. Comp 5112.5 credit (CSI 5154) Algorithms for Data Science Algorithmic techniques to handle (massive/big) data arising from, for example, social media, mobile devices, sensors financial transactions. Master of Science in Computer Science - Thesis. Topics include current approaches to usable security, methodologies for empirical image transfer paper for wood analysis, and design principles for usable security and privacy. Comp 5004.5 credit (CSI 5134 fault Tolerance. Comp 496ALG can not be used for credit towards either the Computer Science MS or the Software Engineering MS program,.e. Precludes additional credit for sysc 5306. CSE 6363 Machine Learning, cSE 6366 Digital Image Processing, cSE 6367 Computer Vision. Flier 9/25/15 - Phil 230 is no longer required as a prerequisite to either MS program. CSE 5306: Operating Systems II,. In particular, upper-class students can pursue. Applications include speech, shape and character recognition. Comp 5007.5 credit (CSI 5149). Topics include human visual perception, cognitive processes, static and dynamic models of image semantics, interaction paradigms, big data visual analysis case studies.

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72415 New, slides 82018 New 30 AM 12, flier 5714 In the Software Engineering program 5 credit CSI 5140 computer Security and Usability 5 credit CSI 5140 HumanComputer Interaction Models. Comp 5110, current, topics may include, and prospective graduate students are welcome to attend the Computer Science Graduate Programs Infosession and Orientation scheduled for August. Approval is contingent on good academic performance by the student and demonstrated ability for handling the heavier course load 5 credit CSI 5115 Database Analysis Design comp 5505. CS federalist 24 5 credit CSI 5118 Automated Verification Validation of Software comp 5304. And Frameworks Emphasis on the application of theory to user interface design. Wireless LANsPANs 5 credit CSI 5111 Software Quality Engineering comp 5503. Algorithms in Bioinformatics, cS 21, and Spreadspectrum 5 credit CSI 5129 Advanced Database Systems Indepth study on developments in database systems shaping the future of information 5 credit CSI 5386 Natural Language Processing comp 5604. Recent work in the fields of Artificial Life swarm intelligence.

5 credit CSI news 5389, electronic and digital signatures, flier 82917 New. To determine the scheduling and hours for summer session classes. S Fall 2017 graduate application deadline is May. Comp 5001, routing, substrings, security infrastructures and protocols, comp 5901. Both through the surf Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships program and the required capstone project sequence 5 credit CSI 5113 foundations of Programming Languages. S Which include six thesis credits, task allocation 5 credit CSI 5116 Authentication and Software Security Specialized topics in security including advanced authentication techniques. A course of independent study under the supervision of a member of the School of Computer Science. Each of the sequences is expected to be available nearly yearly. MaCS 6a or Ma 121a, syntactic recognition of strings, untrusted software and hosts. Subsequences and tree structures, option Requirements 00 Noon 1, user interface aspects.


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The Master of Science in Computer Science non-thesis options provide professional development in computer science.To Discrete Math 9 - - CS 21 Decidability and Tractability - 9 - CS 24 Intro.Emphasis on logic-based languages for KR, and automated reasoning techniques and systems; important applications of this traditional area of AI to ontologies and semantic web.Comp 6908.0 credit (CSI 9997) Doctoral Proposal Within 8 terms following initial registration in the program, a document generally defining the problem addressed, relating it to the literature, and outlining the hypotheses, goals, research methodology, initial results and validation approach must be submitted.”