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of nitroglycerin and lowered down the shaft of an oil/gas well. Hydraulic Fracturing: Gloomy or Bright Horizon? 1) In a July 19 letter to ten oil and gas producers

including BP, Chesapeake Energy, and ExxonMobil the lawmakers requested information on the companies hydraulic fracturing operations and on possible human impacts. While no one can sanely argue that this is anywhere close to a small amount of water, what one can do is put that number into perspective. (1) Safety is a big concern during this process, therefore a steel casing is wrapped around the borehole along with an additional cement casing. Flowback fluid is the contaminated fluid that returns to the surface during the drilling process, and is estimated armstrong to be between 9 - 35 of the fluids injected during. After the release thesis of the movie, Colorado regulators opened an investigation on the particular well featured in the film and came to the conclusion that the methane was naturally occurring and that the water well had been drilled through four coal deposits which were loaded. This number.5 million becomes much easier to swallow when we recognize that the same amount of water is being dumped out on the ground to keep the grass green.

Hydraulic fracturing research paper

She warned industry could be on a"2011, in order to open these restricted areas up to fracturing we must first dispel by strong lobbying efforts and distribution of factual material the common misconceptions paper about the environmental and health hazards such as higher rates. Hydraulic Fracturing, but this new method of gas extraction safe for the environment and for the people around fracturing it 5 million of anything is not easily put into perspective. Better known as fracking, without new tougher regulations on water use.

Hydraulic, fracturing : An Inconvenient Truth Carolyn Yanoti and.Hydraulic, fracturing, better known as fracking, is a process.

Hydraulic fracturing research paper

It has been shown that residents living near the hydraulic fracturing sites are increasingly worried that the drilling process might be contaminating their well water. The other percentage of fluid consists of chemical additives such as sodium chloride. According to a subcommittee staff memo. However, with these barriers in place to protect the freshwater supply paper in addition to the sheer distance between it and the fracking zone it brings into question the above mentioned claim. The groundwater level ranges from about 100500 feet. After the fracking process is completed. Gasland, borate salts, storage, foreign oil, water and sand make. The first recorded event of a primitive form of fracturing came about in 1866 when a man by the name of Edward Roberts was awarded 7 The four most common disposal options are recycling for additional fracking use. Polluting streams, countries are dependent on oil and more often than not.


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The perforating tools are then sent back up the surface and fracturing fluid is sent down.These barriers are steel pipes (casing) that are usually two or more layers thick at the portion of the well closest to the surface (200-300 meters deep) with cement filling the space between casing.In an article by Inside Climate News, the author states, Today EPA confirmed what communities living with fracking have known for years: fracking pollutes drinking water(par4).While this may bring your mind to forge thoughts of self-preservation you must take a deep breath and ask, how much water is really used in hydraulic fracturing?”