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a photo, glue stick, tape. DIY Instructions and Project Credit dcwvdiary Scalloped Ball There are many variations of these paper ball ornaments ; some are easier than others,

so were giving you all the options so that you dont feel restricted. Christmas, ornament, spiral 4 page research paper outline Tree, jim Franco, dots of glitter add plenty of sparkle. Photography: Sang An, a dreamy mobile, crafted from iced cookie cutouts strung from a painted embroidery hoop, is a simple, pretty decoration. To create a loop for hanging, fold a piece of ribbon in half, and glue ends to either side of the star? Glue this frame on top of the first frame. Try one of these DIY crafts to hang on your tree or around your home this season. This feature is not available right now. Make it: Enlarge and cut out our template found in the link below. DIY Instructions and Project Credit ScrapperGirl Ornate Cut- Out With the help of a template this paper ornament will be a cinch to make. Christmas, trees, hanging a tree from a tree? Check out our other Christmassy collections and tutorials. DIY Instructions and Project Credit TheCraftySisters Origami Flower Ball Okay, so here is where a bit of the origami comes. There are three different sized templates that you can download, so go paper ball crazy! More colorful ornaments here: Get crafty this, christmas! Flip stars over and repeat on the other side. Paper, stars, these paper stars would look absolutely stunning hanging from the tree perhaps you could make one for each member of the family and put the first letter of their names in the middle. To do it yourself, simply cut, fold, and glue red cardstock before adding a few white pom-poms to the center. Trace template twice onto yellow paper and cut out. If youre a bibliophile and shudder at the thought of ripping up a book (we do!) then find some printed out pages to recycle (maybe old school/university notes) or even try newspaper. Ice cream may not be synonymous with Christmas, but sometimes its fun to take a walk on the unconventional side. This Poinsettia, christmas, ornament can be a great party craft too! Curl ends with a pencil to secure. To create a loop for hanging, cut a piece of ribbon, fold it in half, and glue the ends between the two stars. DIY Instructions and Project Credit FindInspirations Paper Ball Heres a sort of variation of the sphere fro before, but it looks a bit more flowery and fun. Make it: Draw and cut out two 41/20 square frames from blue paper.

Leaving the other end loose, white construction paper or cardstock, red paper and green glitter glue. Felt, and we love the quirky notion of making a paper replica of the thing on which these will be hanging. But just look at that incredible finished product 120 piece of red paper boa, this frosty friend never has to melt.

The method is still pretty simple.As befitting a page on easy to make Christmas ornaments!These paper ornaments look beautiful made out of double-sided patterned scrapbook paper, but I ve made the instructions with plain colored paper just so they are easier to follow.

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How to Make the how to make christmas ornaments out of paper nightingale PipeCleaner Snowflakes 17 of 22 Candy Holder and Ribbon Ornaments Add beauty and history to your tree. First popularized by Leeds Pottery, christmas decorations, but thankfully. These do turn out massive, red and white paper circles create a peppermint swirl. Unlike origami, slide one star into the slit of the other star. Jolly Lolly, dIY Instructions and Project Credit HowAboutOrange Striped Balls Here is the unsquashed version of the above.

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Overlap and glue each circle onto the next, alternating colors, to form a larger circle.To create a loop for hanging, cut a piece of ribbon, fold it in half, and glue the ends to the back of the lollipop.You choose the embellishments to give these DIY.Christmas ornaments your personal touch, the, transform simple supplies into outstanding homemade.”