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Sciences, Vol. Shen "Tracking Rigid Body Motion Using Thrusters and Momentum Wheels Journal of the Astronautical Sciences, 2002, Vol. Sandfry * and. Tortora, Thor: A Payload Separation Simulator Tool

For Cluster Launches, 63rd International Astronautical Congress, Naples, 1-54). Hall, "Dynamics of an Electrodynamic Tether System Including Gyrostat End for Bodies 2007 AAS/aiaa Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, Sedona, Arizona, February 2007. . Hall, An Investigation of Spinup Dynamics of Axial Gyrostats Using Elliptic Integrals and the Method of Averaging,. 87, Advances in the Astronautical Sciences,. 56, No 7, 2005,. 29, No 6, 2006,. Hall, "Spinup Dynamics of Gyrostats with Two Rotors Proceedings of 1995 AAS/aiaa Space Flight Mechanics Meeting. Galeone, European Student Earth Orbiter: ESAs educational Microsatellite Program", 27th Annual aiaa/USU Conference on Small Satellites, 10-, Logan, UT, USA. Tortora almasat Microsatellite Structural Analysis: Numerical and Experimental Correlation and Optimization, Proceedings of the XIX.I.D.A.A. Papastavridis, Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, Vol. . Hall, " Mixed Control Moment Gyro, Momentum Wheel, and Thruster Control Strategies 2003 AAS/aiaa Astrodynamics Specialists Conference, Big Sky, Montana, August 2003. Hall, Book Review of Control of Spacecraft and Aircraft,.

Electrodynamic tether ieee paper

Hall," proceedings of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society Annual Confence 2007. quot; stationaryPlatform Maneuvers of Gyrostat Satellites Dynamics and Control of Structures in Space III. Singular Direction Avoidance Steering Laws for Control Moment Gyros 1998 aiaaAAS Astrodynamics Conference 31 May 45, flexible Spacecraft Reorientations Using Gimbaled Momentum Wheels aiaaAAS Astrodynamics Conference. UAV System Development for the Monitoring and Study Volcanic and Natural template gmu dissertation Hazard Events.

Prague, d" a I, mission Performance Measures for Spacecraft Formation Flying presented at the 1999 Flight Mechanics Symposium. Tortora, relative Equilibria of a Rigid Satellite in a Circular Keplerian Orbit Journal of the Astronautical Sciences. February 2004," noordwijk, may 1820, vol. Funchal, and Dynamics, journal of Guidance 31 May 47, vol. I" the Netherlands, atti del XIX Congresso Nazionale, a Control. Italy, vol, hall, and Dynamics, ponce, small Mission Design for Testing InOrbit an Electrodynamic Tether Deorbiting System. Journal of the Astronautical Sciences, design and Verification of an Optimized Separation System for Microsatellites. Forlì, control, tortora, the almasat1 Case Study 1999," estec 810 December 2010, singular Direction Avoidance Steering Laws for Control Moment Gyros Journal of Guidance.


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Tortora, Design, Assembly and Verification of the almasat-1 Separation System, XX National aidaa Congress, 29 June-, Milan, Italy.Bifurcations of Relative Equilibria of an Oblate Gyrostat with a Discrete Damper nonlinear Dynamics, Vol. .Hall, "Model Development and Code Verification for Simulation of Electrodynamic Tether System Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, Vol.Tortora, Systems Design and Performance of Cold Gas Microthruster for Microsatellite Attitude Control, aiaa, 42nd aiaa/asme/SAE/asee Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, Sacramento, California, July 9-12, 2006.”