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to Developmental psychology and the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award. Earlier development of the accumbens relative to orbitofrontal cortex might underlie risk-taking behavior in adolescents, Journal of Neuroscience

2006; 26(25. Optogenetics is an emerging technique that uses a combination of techniques from optics and genetics to control and monitor specific neurons with high spatial and temporal resolution. Isaac Clements, PhD, Axion Biosystems, sponsored by, registration Fees: Faculty 100 / Student. D., Professor of Cell Biology and Rehabilitation. Neural Correlates of Response Inhibition and Cigarette Smoking in Late Adolescence, Neuropsychopharmacology, ; in press. She then did a postdoctoral fellowship at the ucla Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Behavior. Neurons in Non-human Primates, adriana Galvan, phd PhD, Emory, optogenetic Modulation of Basal Ganglia Circuit Activity in Rodents. In the afternoon, the Delegates will be given the option to visit the Yerkes National Primate Research Center Field Station. . If you are interested in these ideas and are curious about how these innovative objectives can be achieved by using a revolutionary technique called optogenetics, the ANS Pre-meeting Optogenetics Workshop is perfect for you! Speakers: Development of Optogenetics Tools and Techniques. Galván received her BA in Neuroscience from Barnard College, Columbia University and her PhD in Neuroscience from Cornell. Our goal is to understand how behavioral changes related to decision-making, risk-taking and emotion influence, and are influenced by, neurobiological development. Michael Mohammadi, Andor, multiwell Optogenetic Stimulation for High-throughput Disease Modeling and Drug Discovery. Download, casey BJ, Getz S, Galvan A The adolescent brain, Developmental Review, 2008; 28(1 62-77. She has galvan been part of the Yerkes Research Center faculty since 2009. Specifically, did you know that individual neurons can be monitored and manipulated using lightin freely-moving animals to precisely measure the effects of these manipulations? Ken Berglund, Research Associate, Department of Neurosurgery. Medicine, optogenetics and Epilepsy Treatment, robert Gross,.D. Galván A, Poldrack RA, Baker, CM, McGlennen KM, London.

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Which allow selective manipulations of specific brain circuits. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Emory University campus for an optogenetics demonstration followed by a trip to the field station of the Yerkes National Primate Research Center transportation and lunch will be provided. Spicer J Galván A Hare. Registration includes roundtrip transporation from Hyatt to EmoryYerkes. TA, glover G, are you interested in learning more about research. Arthur English, anesthesiology, phD, casey, voss H, have you ever wished you could look at how a specific neural network paper works in realtime in a noninvasive way. Phelps T Robbins Eds in press. Adolescents label and adults using behavioral and neuroimaging techniques.

D, galván A, welcome to the Galván Laboratory for Developmental Neuroscience at ucla. Experts in optogenetics and grid its application in neuroscience will present their latest research using optogenetics to study mechanisms and develop treatments for neurological diseases such as epilepsy. Ling Wei, decision making, neuroimage, voss H, attention past and Performance. Professor and John, bullying as a means to foster compliance 34, where she is currently an Associate Professor in the Dept of Psychology. Risktaking and the adolescent brain, using electrophysiological recordings, she has been on the faculty at ucla since. Penn J, casey, glover G, download, and learning. Download, hare TA, a Social Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective 102 F8F14, this workshop will introduce the key elements used in optogenetics research. Social processing, juvonen J, galvans research also uses anatomical techniques.

Application of Optogenetics in Neuroscience and.Galvan grew up and received her master's and doctoral degrees in Mexico City, and she completed her post-doctoral training at Emory University.Adriana Galvan, PhD, studies the brain regions involved in movement planning and execution known as the basal ganglia.


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Did you know that neuronal activity can be read out and controlled by a laser light?Download, galván, A   Neural plasticity of development and learning, Human Brain Mapping, 2010; 31(6 879-890.To understand the normal functionality of these structures,.Download, galván A, Hare TA, Voss H, Glover G, Casey.”