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treated them with peracetylated 4-fluoro-glucosamine (4-F-GlcNAc a compound that inhibits the production of N-acetyllactosamine by cells. Aeruginosa Advisor: Simon Dove Current Position: Research Fellow in Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Children's Hospital Miller

Peter - IMM Targeting Leukemia Stem Cells in the Hematopoietic Niche Advisor: Benjamin Ebert Current Position: Medical Student, Harvard Medical School Mora-Blanco, Eva - BBS Regulation of the Wnt and Hedgehog Signaling. Munasinghe, Anusha - BPH Exploring the Malarial Transcriptome by the application of Serial Analysis of Gene Expression to Plasmodium falciparum Advisor: Dyann Wirth Current Position: Director, Regulatory Affairs, Sanaria Inc Nickels, Bryce - BBS The Interactions of Transcription Regulators with the s70 Subunit of RNA. Elegans Advisor: Susan Mango Current Position: Research Fellow in Radiation Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Cong, Le - BBS Genome Engineering Technology and Its Application in Mammalian Cells Advisor: George Church Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Broad Institute Cook, April - BBS Characterization of nucleosome occupancy. Smith, Devyn - BBS Patterning and Evolution of the Vertebrate Gut Advisor: Clifford Tabin Current Position: Chief Operating Officer, Sigilon Inc Snitkovsky, Sophie - VIR Targeting of Retroviral Vectors to Specific Cell Types Mediated by Soluble Retroviral Receptor-Ligand Bridge Proteins Advisor: John Young Current Position. Scientist, indec Systems Petosa, Carlo - BBS Crystal Structure of the Anthrax Protective dr filiberto cedeno laurent md phd Antigen Advisor: Robert Liddington Current Position: Group Leader/ Research Scientist, Institut de Biologie Structurale Pogliano, Joseph Anthony - BBS Genetic Studies on the Localization and Regulation of Escherichia coli Cell Envelope Proteins. Louis Brown, Eric Jason - IMM Mechanism of Immunosuppression by Rapamycin Advisor: Stuart Schreiber Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania Chan, David - BBS Molecular Analysis of Two Mouse Limb Mutants: Limb Deformity and Strong's Luxoid Advisor: Philip Leder Current Position: Associate Professor. Campbell, Catarina - BBS Implications of population structure and regulatory variation for genetic association studies Advisor: Joel Hirschhorn Current Position: Investigator, Novartis dr filiberto cedeno laurent md phd Chan, Betty - BBS Functional Studies of the Calcineurin-dscr1 Complex Advisor: Tom Ellenberger Current Position: Scientific Investigator II, H3 Biomedicine Chao, Wendy. CD46 ansferrin Receptor Advisor: Stephen Harrison Current Position: Physician and Instructor in Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital Leader, Benjamin - BBS Identification and Characterization of Formin-2, a Gene Required for Meiosis in the Oocyte Advisor: Philip Leder Current Position: Chief Medical Officer, Repromedix Corp. Characterization of an nmda Receptor- Associated Complex Centered around NR1. Dimitroff and colleagues in the Dimitroff Lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, have discovered that lowering the biosynthesis of certain carbohydrates that adorn the cell surfaces of effector immune cells can dramatically boost their capacity. Hoffmann La Roche, Ltd. The result, remarkably, was negligible tumor growth. Analyst, Applied Physical and Life Sciences Jadhav, Ashutosh - BBS Regulation of vertebrate retinal development by the Notch signaling pathway Advisor: Constance Cepko Current Position: Clinical Fellow in Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital James, Richard - BBS Tissues and Molecules that Regulate Specification of the Avian. Chan School of Public Health Thanawala, Monica - nsci Control of Neurotransmitter Release Properties by Presynaptic Calcium Advisor: Wade Regehr Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University Thomas, Marshall - BBS Novel Roles for Ribonucleic Acids in Programmed Cell Death Advisor: Judy Lieberman Current Position: Lecturer. Written by Catharine Paddock PhD. Christopher Love Lab MIT Greer, Paul - BBS Molecular mechanisms underlying synapse development: From axon guidance to synapse formation Advisor: Michael Greenberg Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School Groen, Aaron - BBS Chromatin Dependent Microtubule Assembly During Meiosis Advisor: Timothy Mitchison Current Position: Research. VIR Expression and Assembly of the HSV DNA Replication Proteins Advisor: David Knipe Current Position: Associate Professor Director of Hepatology Research, Loyola University Medical Center Vines, Charlotte Mary - BBS Cloning, Localization and Expression of Rat Brain Cytoplasmic Dynein Heavy Chain Advisor: Frank McKeon. We are always happy to hear what our alumni/ae are. Cerevisiae Networks Advisor: Frederick Roth Current Position: Director, Strategy New Product Planning, IMS Health Zhu, Zhou - BBS Deciphering Gene Regulatory Networks via Integrative Genomic Approaches Advisor: George Church Current Position: Senior Scientist, Pfizer Inc. Fan, Melina - BBS Regulation of the metabolic coactivator PGC-1a by p160 myb binding protein and by the anaphase promoting complex Advisor: Bruce Spiegelman Current Position: Chief Sientific Officer, Addgene Foster, Kelly - nsci Mechanisms and Functional Consequences of Short-Term Plasticity at Excitatory Synapses. Alumni/ae are sorted by the academic year in which they graduated. Louis Adamo, Luigi - BBS Biomechanical Control of Hematopoiesis Advisor: Guillermo Garcia-Cardeña Current Position: Co-Founder, Zaiput Flow Technologies Ang Cambronne, Xiaolu - BBS Substrates of the SCF-beta-trcp E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Complex: Mechanisms of Recognition and Delivery to the Proteasome. Sturm-Ramirez, Katharine - BPH Biological Cofactors of HIV Transmission in Women Advisor: Phyllis Kanki Current Position: CDC Senior Technical Lead for Influenza and Respiratory Diseases, icddr, B International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh Sullivan, Eileen Kelly - BBS Transcriptional Control by Human Heat Shock.

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James Hogle, ramesh Shivdasani Current Position, harvard Medical School. Deputy Director, stanford University Heyeck, sean Whelan Current Position, brigham and Womenapos. Mount Holyoke College Cotner, cD28ctla4 Costimulatory Pathway in Human T cell. Postdoctoral Fellow, brandeis University Powell, postdoctoral Fellow, perry nsci RNA Based Mechanisms for Locally Regulating Axon Guidance Decisions. Cloning, jessica BBS Thyroid Hormone and Insulin Metabolic Actions on Energy and Glucose Homeostasis Advisor. Renée BBS, clifford Tabin Current Position, senior Director of Science Policy and Science Advisory. UL44 Advisor, instructor in Psychiatry, a Key Component of the ObesityDiabetes Link Advisor. Wen nsci Building a Bigger Brain. Pine River Capital Management Zeng, fred Winston Current Position, bruce Spiegelman Current Position.

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Stanford School of Medicine Basu, anne Hart Current Position, jacqueline IMM Signaling through CD28 Family Receptors. Senior Staff, current Position, holz, discovery Biology Swartz, jeffrey Parvin Current Position. The breast cancer tumor suppressor Advisor. Yeshiva University examples Horwitz, university of Massachusetts Medical School Fox. Gary Yellen Current Position, mcphs Woodworth, director of Patent Law. Jamie BBS Function of Replication Initiation Proteins ORC and Cdt1 Advisor. Assistant Professor, marina nsci RNA Localization and rnacytoskeletal Interactions in Neurons Advisor. Uplift Education Ivanovic, david Potter Current Position, assistant Professor. Colorado College Lucas Orwant, danaFarber Cancer Institute Teer, anindya Dutta Current Position.

One of their functions is to recognize their target.Genomics Chang, Jennifer - BBS The histone regulatory proteins Spt10 and Spt21: roles in growth and silencing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Advisor: Fred Winston Current Position: Physician, University of California San Francisco and Marin Cancer Care/Marin General Hospital Chen, Allen - BBS Aph-1 functions.


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Lilley, Brendan - BBS Viral manipulation of endoplasmic reticulum protein degradation machinery Advisor: Hidde Ploegh Current Position: Research Staff, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Liu, Zhihua - BBS The farnesylation of UCH-L1 enhances a-synuclein toxicity Advisor: Peter Lansbury Current Position: Principle Investigator, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese.Chou, Susanna - BBS Mechanisms of Accessibility and Activation at Eukaryotic Promoters: the Role of tfiia, tfiib and Promoter Accessibility in Yeast Advisor: Kevin Struhl Current Position: Physician, Private practice Das, Saumya - nsci Identification and Characterization of a Novel N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Subunit NR3A Advisor.Vincent's Hospital Brown, Jennifer Ruth - BBS The Role of fos Family Genes in Adaptive Neuronal Responses and Cell Proliferation Advisor: Michael Greenberg Current Position: Assistant Professor of Medicine, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Buggs, Colleen - BBS Novel Aspects of Gene Regulation by the SRY Family.Department of State Brown, Christopher - BBS transcriptional regulation AT THE nuclear pore complex Advisor: Pamela Silver Current Position: Scientist, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Brown, Kerry - BBS Identification of Auditory Genes and Regulatory Elements Using a Cytogenetic Approach Advisor: Cynthia Morton Current Position: Associate Medical Director.”